DNB Dojo Podcast #45 – Jul 2020

Hex returns with a bumper episode of the DNB Dojo podcast featuring nearly two hours of new music! Beats inside this month from Friske, Kelle, Hiraeth, Resomnia, Mark Dinimal, The Outsiders, Philip D Kick and many, many more.

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Amoss & Fre4knc – Question Answer [Dispatch]
FarFlow – Low Tap [Fokuz]
Reflektor – Osmosis [Data Transmission Free Download]
Drumsik – Noise In My Mind [Bad Taste]
RDG & DubApe – Decoy [Boka]
Sentic Cycle – Bangz (feat. Flipz MC) [Turbine Music]
DJ Madd – Gangsta Junglist [Unchained]
Reburf – Losing My Mind [Celsius]
DJ Ransome & SynthForce – Midsummer Boulevard [Default]
K2T & Hex – Embers [DNB Dojo Free Download]
Layton – Construct [Dub]
Just Jungle – Shape Or Form [G Lab]
Moa – Between the Lies [Anticlockwise]
Temam & Vici – Wild West [Delta9]
Loomis – Anamorphic [Architecture]
Resomnia – Metropolis [DNBB Digital]
Duoscience – Find a Place [Diskool]
Hiraeth – Falling [Fokuz]
Grim Hellhound – Synthetic Sunrise [Huski]
Screamarts & Halflow – Memories [Fokuz]
K Motionz – Hack It (feat. Duskee) [UKF]
Bungle – Bad Math [Influence]
Madusea – Qualm [Calibrate]
Kemal – Re-Animation (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Kemal & Rob Data]
Creatures & Sense MC – Problem Kid [Flexout]
Molecular – Space Journey [Delta9]
Linear – Return [Detached Audio]
Geostatic – Trust [Delta9 Free Download]
Om Unit – Ulysses (The Unreleased VIP) [Om Unit]
Bop x Subwave – Escape From U [Hospital]
Kelle – Zerkalo [Kos Mos Music]
Wetman – Wine (Consciousness VIP) [Omni Music]
HEFT – Maestro [Onset Audio Dub]
Esthetic & MagMag – Fear [Onset Audio]
Taelimb – Pegasus [Demand]
Unknown Artist – One [Vibez ’93]
Mindhead – Wasteland [High Resistance]
Digital & The Green Man – Hijacked [Function]
Ouai Stephane – I Have Feelings También [Global Warming]
Mark Dinimal – The Night [Hyperactivity]
Blade – China Town Womad [Rhythm Syndicate]
Dilemma – Spiral [Soulvent]
Friske – Beacon [Metalheadz]
Kumarion – Closer [Pilot]
Sorse – Photon [Onset Audio]
MYKOOL – Blackwater [Nu Venture]
Pageant – Drops [Omni Music]
Lambent Heights – Fata Morgana [Ortem]
Droptek – Invoke (The Outsiders Remix) [Korsakov]
Soul Intent – Heebie Jeebies (2006 Raw Demo Mix) [Dope Plates]
Sophistakid – The Block [Mettasonic]
Brusten – Lost [Inception Audio]
Droma – Stranger (Kalm & Spindall Remix) [Nurtured Beatz]
Enjoy – Rogue [Omni Music]
Orbr – Scorpion Cruiser [Orbr]
Idle Minds Workshop – Opportune [Plasma Audio]
Stompz – Comms Check [Prototype]
Kolectiv & OB1 – Common Ground [Rebel Music]
Redpine & Solo – Time 4 Change [Studio Rockers]
Enjoy – Cases [The Dreamers]
HEFT – Space Odyssey [Inception Audio Dub]
Javano – Southbound [Brackwood Audio]
Bop – Insight [2013] [Microfunk]
Om Unit – Joyspark [Om Unit]
Usurp – Sakaide (Night Mix) [Downtime]
Philip D Kick – 160909313 [Astrophonica]
Dexta – Third Life [Diffrent]
Ingot – Rise [Lost]
Kloke & Tim Reaper – Foundation [Future Retro]
FFF & Tim Reaper – World Championships [Future Retro]
Acid Lab – Shadow Recruit [AGN7 Audio]
Dexta & Pepsi Slammer – U Heard Of Us [Dope Plates]

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