DNB Dojo Podcast #46 – Aug 2020

Hex returns with over 90 minutes of new music on the August edition of the Dojo podcast! Beats inside this time around from Duoscience, Survey, Wreckless, Joshua, Tuscan, Quentin Hiatus and many more…

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Emperor – Sunder [Vision]
Levela – Eclipse [Critical]
MNDSCP – Bad Batch [Eatbrain]
Trace & Survey – Detroit [CNVX]
Tycaine & Meecha – Reality Perception [Tytanium Armour]
Duoscience – Ironic [Celsius]
Soligen – Lord Please [Fokuz]
Speedwagon – Quarantine [Vibez93]
Mayforms – One Day [Bay 6]
Leniz – Reverie [Goldfat]
Tuscan – Crunchy [Inception Audio]
Incandescent – Raveyard [Grease Coast]
DOt. & cømpiler – Instance [Delta9]
Soul Connection – Still [DNBB]
Absent – Calling Out [Future Soul Audio]
Mando – Night Lanterns [Dom & Roland]
Deleted Sound – Boring One [Deleted Sound]
Droptek – Dropout [Korsakov]
Fokus, DBR UK & Structured – Bloodwater VIP [Dispatch LTD]
Kin:etic – Closer [Sine Audio]
Fonetick Lee – In Passing [Omni Music]
Quentin Hiatus – Tisno [Free Love Digi]
Soul Defiance – Roller 123 [Addictive Behaviour]
T95 & DRS – On Site [Overview Music]
Joshua – Night Sky [Celsius]
Wreckless – Optogenetics [Rebel Music]
Grappa – Catchphrase [Stereocilia]
Bass’Flo & Ziyal – Looking Back at Life [Omni Music]
Drum Cypha – Return of the Sasquatch [Tech Itch]
Eue – Monkey Dance [Forest Biz]
Molecular & Lavance – Replicants [Counterpoint]
Conrad Subs – Paradise [Deep Pan]
Rizzle – Essence [Overview Music]
Jazzatron – Summer Session [Jungle Pride]
Echo Motion – Reserved [Riddim]
DJ Marky – Parlet [Innerground]
Subtle Element – Morphine (Amoss Remix) [Engage Audio]
Kemal & Rob Data – Hostile [Kemal & Rob Data]
Offish – Kybalion [Offish]
Dubsky & Magnafide – Flow Ethos [Voyage Music]
ATIC & Automated Prayer – Keplar [RedCell Agenda]
Layton – Crystal Clear [Dub]
Mako – April Sun [EKOU]
H20 DnB – Dusted [Kojiki]
DKN – The Peak [Subtitles]
Monika – Luminosity [Locked Concept]
Champagne – HMS Terror [Midnight Sun]
Poztman – Hologram Worship (Rite of Community) [Outtallectuals]
Deleted Sound – Track 2 [Parallel Depth]
Urbandawn – Carnival Blues [Hospital]
J Plates & Marc:One – The Birds [J Plates]
Sayko – Subterranean Blues [Soul Ex Machina]
Personnage – Tyrant [Sigrun Music]
Surgence – Amazon [Voyage Music]
Maykors – Vanilla Sky [Warm Ears]
Dov1 & Hooves – Deep Shish [Muti Music]
Capturelight – Circles [Soulvent]
Samurai Breaks & Arcane – Deal Wid It [Traxhaven]
Aikanã – Spirits Of Torobo [Kurnugu]
OaT – Stream Of Consciousness [T3K]
Gremlinz & Jesta – Succubus [Ronin Ordinance]
J(ay).A.D – Find Your Way Home [Liquorice]
Danny Scrilla – Sparks [Cosmic Bridge]
Harka – Days Thinkin’ [The Dreamers]
Cœur – Abyssal Plain [Coeur]
Sourpuss – The Bellucci Dream [Repertoire]
Paul Reset – MA1 Roller [Nerve]
Poseidon – Hekate [VALE]

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