Get To Know: Goldfat

We continue our label showcase series with a deep dive in the Goldfat archives! Started as an outlet for Mitekiss’s solo productions, but quickly expanding to encompass other producers’ work, Goldfat has proved itself a top-shelf purveyor of classy liquid goodness over the last five years. Read on for our favourites from the ‘fat…

Mitekiss & Mr Porter – Horizon [GFR004]

An early release from Mitekiss, and one of many collaborations between him and Mr Porter, Horizon shows off a talent for soft, understated melody with a hint of melancholy.

PIN & Mr Porter – Walk Into The Sun [GFR007]

PIN takes things on a slightly darker tip for Walk Into The Sun, combining the melodic touches we expect from Goldfat with a little extra dirt in the low end.

Telomic – Misdirection [GFR011]

Telomic joins Goldfat on their eleventh release with a subtle pairing of tunes. Misdirection is a delightfully stripped back piano roller, while Submit heads into dark and brooding territory for a head nodding minimal workout.

Easy & Geeks – Shoreless [GFR016]

This release from Easy & Geeks is delicious; euphoric without spilling over into cheesy territory, Shoreless is a perfect tight-rope walk between dancefloor sensibilities and musicality.

Andy Skopes & Mr Porter – Where I’m From

The sad passing of Andy Skopes saw the label put out this sublime collaboration with Mr Porter to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Effortlessly uplifting, and yet another reason Andy is so missed.

Five of the best from one of our favourite soulful imprints! Be sure to hit up Goldfat on Soundcloud, and head to Bandcamp to grab all these and more including recent releases from the likes of Winslow, pyxis, Leniz and Auris. Get to know!

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