DNB Dojo Podcast #50 – Dec 2020

We’ve got a bumper podcast selection for you just in time for Christmas! Hex returns to the Dojo decks with nearly two hours of fresh releases on the final Dojocast of 2020. Beats inside from Quadrant & Iris, Andy Scopes & Madcap, Grey Code, Artsea, Xenon, Koan Sound and many more…enjoy!

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Quadrant & Iris – Instinct (feat. Codebreaker) [Dispatch]
Extraction – Nausea [Delta9]
STONX – Adapt & Survive [STONX]
Alpha Rhythm – Everfrost [Celsius]
Deviant & Sam Binary – Silk Notes [The Chikara Project]
K2T, Option & Rounder – Every Night [Bay 6]
Metafloor – WTF [Aufect]
Dead End – Walking [Unchained]
Mozey & Sofi Mari – Clarity [Liquid V]
Andy Skopes & Madcap – Tap The Bottle [Utopia]
Artomik & Duoscience – Good Transition [M-Ocean]
Ornette Hawkins – Return to Never (dgoHn Remix) [Beat Machine]
Sera Marie – Overthrow [Citrus]
Playazepam – Underwater [Audio Entropy]
Echo Motion – Chicane [Calibrate]
Bytecode – Symbiosis [C4C LTD]
Halftone & Trafic Mc – Mind Games [Citrus]
Mikal – Echoplex [Counterpoint]
Need For Mirrors – Snoopy Vans [31]
InTaKe – New Modes [Default]
Molecular – The Computer [Delta9]
MAE917 – Renegade [Dub]
Bredren & Swift – Energy [Demand]
Volatile Cycle & Dropset – Descent [C4C LTD]
Slider & Expose – Be With Me (Talia’s Theme) [Diffuse Reality]
Karma Kingdom – Cry Me A River [Detached Audio]
Amoss – Speed Shades (Grey Code Remix) [Flexout]
BTK – Guidance [Dispatch]
Trinist – Connected [VALE]
dope – Major Threats [Saturate]
Sal – Untitled Touch [Commercial Suicide]
Refracta – Aqua [Midnight Bass]
Javano – Glimpse Of Yesterday [Turbine]
K2T & Hex – A New Leaf [Detached Audio]
Kalum – How You Like [Influenza Media]
Imran Graffiti – Sisyphus [Inner City Dance]
Kublai – In Tandem [Goldfat]
Type – Celestial March [Resonance PR]
Deerhill & Kaiza – The Traveller [Onset Audio]
Goldie – Inner City Life (dBridge’s ‘Sonic Nostalgia Mix’) [Metalheadz]
Easy & Geeks – Natural (Bungle Remix) [Influence]
Nelson Navarro – Try (Ben Rolo Remix) [Dub]
Artsea – Gone [Goldfat]
Billain – Codename [Metnem]
Digital & Outrage – Reunion [Metalheadz]
Xenon – Bionic Love Affair [Humanoid]
Advance, Jaise & D-Struct – Converge [Icarus Audio]
not yes – clunk MC ice [Intrinzic Music]
KOAN Sound – Grounded ft. Javeon (Opiuo Remix) [Shoshin]
Lapsed – Regrowth [Lapsed]
Trex – Dreamy Dayz (feat. Ella Jones) [Mac 2]
Klinical & Waeys – Framed [Overview]
D-Struct – Overlaps [P Lab]
No Patterns – Mantra [SINE Audio]
Acid_Lab – Movement [Zodiac Music]
Habit – Overtime [SBK Music]
Luke Sentric – Don’t You Know [Samsara Beats]
Chu Hi – Yuzu Hi [The Dreamers]
B-Origin – Zero Empathy [Sixteen Step Records]
Shodan – Chameleon [Warm Ears]
Circumference – Shlock [Soulvent]
Dan Guidance & Duoscience – Parallel [Yumi]
dreadmaul & Bereneces – Curandeiro [Zodiac Music]
RQ – Solar Wind (Tellus Remix) [Modern Conveniences]
Kid Lib & Tim Reaper – PTSD [Future Retro]
Klonhead – Noshaq [Dub]
Pete Cannon & Tim Reaper – You’re The One [Future Retro]
Finger & Brozak – Soldierz [HC Records]
Aranha – London Sound [Dub]
Chef Boyarbeatz – The Mandala Effect (Salva Remix) [Elastic Rhythms]
Indigo Virus – Resonance Cascade [AGN7 Audio]
Sun People – Like You Do [Defrostatica]
Crypticz – Lakutala [Western Lore]
Redpine & Solo – Re-Mind [Studio Rockers]
Droptek – Revolver (AKOV Remix) [Korsakov]

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