DNB Dojo Podcast #51 – Jan 2021

Hex returns to the Dojo decks for the first podcast of the year. New music inside from Data 3, Boston, Scartip, Tephra, Qua Rush and many more, plus dubs from Soul Defiance, Patience and an unreleased track from Hex to boot!

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

John B – Up All Night (Data 3 Remix) [Metalheadz]
Wingz – Mistrust [Mainframe]
Ephyum – Fireflies [Bad Taste]
HEFT – Remembrance [Celsius]
Section – Contagion [Counterpoint]
John Rolodex – Bonebender (Nuphlo Remix) [Machinist]
Somatic – Fighting Fear [4NCY]
Colossus – Hit Parade [Beats In Mind]
H20 DnB – Techtonics [Audio Entropy]
Dezpot – Create, Destroy [Close 2 Death]
Tenchu & Zool – Dreamcatcher [Trickdisc]
Travesty – Containment [Tytanium Armour]
MNDSCP – Mask [Eatbrain]
Darrel & Asymmetric – Hidden Path Revisited [Disymmetrical]
Cryptographic – Zombie [Conspired Within]
No_Name – The Choice [Onset Audio]
Simstah – Profondo (Boston Remix) [Blendits]
Scartip – Move for Me [Sleep Less Records]
Mean Teeth & Volatile Cycle – Bring It [Cause 4 Concern]
Hebra – Push Button [Gutting Audio]
Tephra & Arkoze – Instinct (feat. Hillzy) (Melysma Remix) [Dispatch]
Bou & Upgrade – Creeper (feat. Chimpo) [Critical]
Two Things – I Should Know [Influenza Media]
Hex – ID [Dub]
Dub Beans – Never [Samsara Beats]
Johnathan Thomas & LecoughSki – Daydreams [Reform Music]
Invadhertz – Hypnotize (feat. Gear) [4NCY]
Sorse – Whimsical [Modern Conveniences]
Tephra & Kathryn Brenna – Endless [Innerground]
Imanu – Bloom (Kimyan Law Remix) [Vision]
Seba & LowQui – Dangerous Liaisons [Secret Operations]
Kemal – Symbol V2 [Kemal & Rob Data]
CRSV & T:Base – Moonlight [Celsius]
Pyrhikk – Burning [Pyrhikk]
Patience – ID [Dub]
Incident – Levitation [Hyperactivity]
Astromus – Alups [Omni Music]
Soul Intent – Deckards Lullaby [Dope Beats]
Neurotoxin – B-Side [Skalator]
St.Iff – Seven Circles [Voyage Music]
58DUST x IntiKon – DHANFI [Wonk#ay]
Workforce – Bring Down [Critical]
Arxiva – Message [Tesseract]
Soul Defiance – ID [Dub]
Qua Rush – Coup De Grace [Sine Audio]
y2d – Glassknife [y2d]
If-Read & Ulmus – Juliet [Omni Music]
Rainforest & Calculon – Homebwoy Jungle [Shoot]
Sully – Up [Rupture]
Calculon & Austin Speed – Get Murked (Fanu Remix) [Shoot]
Tim Reaper & Devnull – Anytime [Lobster Theremin]
Agents Of Rush – Blue. [Agents of Rush]
Neve – U O A I (Neve Bootleg) [The Dreamers]
Noneohone – Deadman 160 [Noneohone]
Client_03 – Wavefile_Dayjob [Astrophonica]
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (J:Kenzo Remix) [31 Records]

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