DNB Dojo Podcast #56 – Jun 2021

Hex is back with the usual monthly selection featuring new music from Geety, DLR, Villem, Nemy, Mister Shifter, HNGVR & UnoTurbo and many more!

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Sub Focus – Airplane (Culture Shock Remix) [RAM]
Maniatics – Out Of Order (Nickbee Remix) [Gutting Audio]
DOt. & cømpiler – Instance (Quadrant & Iris Remix) [Delta9]
Future Cut – 20/21 (DLR Remix) [Future Cut]
Dossa & Locuzzed – Dusk [Viper]
Higher (Than) – New Hope [Influenza Media]
CNdY Group – Night Suits [Dub]
Silence Groove – Cloves [Fokuz]
Mark System – Wanna Dance [Metalheadz]
Kublai – Emerald Funk [CIA]
FinnaDrift – The Bean Bootlegger [Default]
Geety & Seathasky – Leaving [Fokuz]
Cybin – Frozen Cities [Machinist]
AKOV – Voices [Eatbrain]
Katharsys – Slippery Slope (Donny Remix) [Othercide]
Gilas & Aznok – Square Tonnel [Shell Shock]
Geety – Angel Piece [Influenza Media]
3VS – In Love [Modern Conveniences]
Kit Curse & Parasite – Primal Fear [Inception Audio]
Spektiv – Chiaro [Transparent]
Nemy – Quire [Vandal]
FX909 – Dark Beauty [Voyage Music]
Villem – Make Em Bounce [Villem]
Kolectiv & Mauoq – Political [Rebel Music]
Asylum – Da Base II Dark (Stealth Remix) [Metalheadz]
Jungie – October [DNBB Digital]
DRANQ & Pixelord – Поиск [Saturate]
KOAN Sound – Mr Brown (Chee Remix) [Shoshin]
Mister Shifter – Dreada VIP [Foxy Jangle]
Antares – The Order [Locked Up Music]
Trex & Benny V – Tundra [Trust Audio]
Senpai – Moon Surface [High Resistance]
Inner Terrain & Wreckless – Big Drama [Metalheadz]
Habit – Timeline [SBK]
Joakuim – Flow [Sable Noir]
Children of Our Stars – Take Us Back [Children of Our Stars]
Instruction Set – Forge La Funk [Make or Break]
Scape – Spirit World (Soul Intent’s Spirit Of Speed Remix) [Dope Plates]
Invert Era – Motionless [Onyx]
Vulgarythm – Monobe [Modular Carnage]
Subdue – You Make Me [Terra Firma]
D-Struct & Arxiva – Innerworld [Skalator]
Aeon Four – Tremor [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Dusty Ohms – Napalm Smile [4NCY]
HNGVR x UnoTurbo – AYE [Muti Music]
Ruckspin – Raw (feat. Stamina MC) [Ruckspin]
Paige Julia – Honor Among Thieves [Unchained]
Alegria – Petrograd [Modern Conveniences]
Basic Biology – Cotton Heart (feat. Megan McKay) [Free Love Digi]
Greekboy – Saltwater [Tribe of Dub]
Mattirealism – Presurgery [Liquid Flow]
Brain Crisis – Old Selection [High Resistance]
Akuratyde – Home Movies (feat. Whytwo) [Blu Mar Ten]
y2d – Butter Tea [y2d]

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