DNB Dojo Podcast #57 – Jul 2021

Hex returns with your selection for July and as usual the mix is packed full of brand new heaters! New beats inside from Shodan, Winslow, Peyo, Agressor Bunx, Quadrant & Iris, Able8 and many more…

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

K Motionz & Duskee – Hack It (Break Remix) [UKF]
Hoax – Space Invaders [Onyx]
Geostatic – Consideration [Delta9]
Screamarts – Is This Even Real [Rebel Music]
Foreign Concept – Kultja [Critical Music]
Alx, Masia & Magugu – Rudeboy (Imanzi Remix) [Skalator Dub]
Subp Yao – Rob Boss [Saturate]
Naiadi & Boredome – Sike [Dub]
Vrum – Synapse [Boundless Beatz]
Liquid Memoirs – Fractal [Bay 6]
Rafau Etamski – Lush Theme [Absys]
Minor Forms – Horizon [Context]
Future Cut & Marcus Intalex – Plastic (Quadrant & Iris Remix) [Future Cut]
Peyo – The Truth [Hyperactivity Music]
Peyo – The Truth (DNB Version) [Hyperactivity Music]
Abstract Drumz – The Answer [Cause4Concern]
MidKnighT Moon – Blizzard [DNBB]
Evolved – Slow Motion [EKOU]
Agressor Bunx – Eternal Frost [Eatbrain]
DJ Chromz & Tim Reaper – Nice ‘n’ Easy [Future Retro London]
k.raybak – Quantum Leap [Universe Axiom]
Millstreet & SOLR – Didn’t Know [Four Corners]
Dan Guidance & Fishy – The Escapist [Celsius]
Jomari – Cycles [Deviant Audio]
Nelver – Time Forward [Live History]
tshabee – Present From You [Demand]
Om Unit – Sleepwalkers (The Mahakala VIP) [Om Unit]
Pacific – Shook [Pacific Dub]
Shodan – ID [Dub]
Beterror & Warm Roller – Milkshake [Warm Communications]
YAANO & Fre4knc – Black Hole [Overview]
Release & Meecha – Pitfall (2021 VIP) [Tytanium Armour]
Dark Ops – Dub Killa [Skeleton Recordings]
Psidream & Special Ed – Street Value [Nightfall]
Shodan – Broken (Molecular Remix) [Warm Ears]
Horde – Focused [Impact]
Sweetpea & Iris – Revolution Not Televised [Sofa Sound]
Darkgray Heart – And So I Let The Water Crush Me [Modern Conveniences]
Mystic State – We Can Help Each Other [The Chikara Project]
Samath – Bampot [Parallel Depth]
gyrofield – Photosystem [Overview]
Hadley – You Never Know [Subtitles]
RNCBL – Floating Dogs [Jungle Pride]
Eschaton & Parallel Ft. Nashira Voices – Drifiting Through Memories (Fishy Remix) [Omni Music]
Orbr – Drunken Noodles [Orbr]
Total Science – Red Carpet (2021 Remaster) [Metalheadz]
Winslow – Sandalwood Nights [Hospital]
Silent Dust – Evil Earth [None60]
Able8 – Slinky [Uncomfortable Beats]
Loxy & Ink – Twisted 3rd Mind (2021 Remaster) [Metalheadz]
In:Most – Mind’s Eye [Soulvent]
Law, Kola Nut & Tim Reaper – True Belief [Future Retro London]
ASC – Slow Down [Over/Shadow]
Greazus – Phantasia [Defrostatica]
M.S.R – Baby [Section 63]
Bombast – All Falls Down (Yung Raj Remix) [4NCY]
Greazus – Like This (feat. Klose) [Defrostatica]
Inja – Explode [Hospital]
Eprom – Dangerous Sound [1985 Music]
My Nu Leng & Skepsis – Hot Flush (feat. Duskee) [Maraki]

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