DNB Dojo Podcast #58 – Aug 2021

Another month rolls by which means it’s time for another Dojo podcast! Loads of great new music inside this month including cuts from Colossus, Duskee & Disrupta, Om Unit, BTK, Vektah, Kelle and many more, plus unreleased music from Shodan and Hex’s latest release with K2T, Photographs.

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Alix Perez – Burning Babylon [1985 Music]
Humanon – Why Should We [Encounter]
Colossus – Dystopian [Calibrate]
MISO – Wrong Dance [P Lab]
Duskee & Disrupta – Sweet Vanilla [4NCY / DarkMode]
AUDBL – I’ve Been Thinking [Bay 6]
Colossus – Fractures [Four Corners]
DJ Gaw, Disrupta & T-Man – Levitate [Onyx]
Shodan – ID [Dub]
Xtrah – Lightning and Thunder [Cyberfunk]
Personnage – Cannonball [Sigrún Music]
Tsuruda – Out Of Pocket [1985 Music]
PAV4N X Foreign Beggars x Silverstrike – MAXIMISE [4NCY]
Dead End – Melted Ice Cream [Sound Museum]
DJ Ride – SMTHINGNEW [Vision]
KOAN Sound – Cryptic (feat. Scann) [Shoshin]
Tenebris – Can’t Sit With Us [Yanked Beats]
Om Unit – Dark Sunrise (Instrumental) [Om Unit]
Marcus Tee – Some People Call It Love [Default]
Skuff – 7 Ate 9 [Audio Entropy]
Wreckless – As Memory Fades [Dispatch]
Cauzer – Form One [Critical]
Vektah – Solarflares [Soulvent]
K2T & Echo Motion – Arctotis (Hazqa Remix) [Detached Audio]
If-Read – Can’t Move [Dissymmetrical]
K2T & Hex – Photographs [Inform Records]
Mystific – The New Order [Fokuz]
BTK – Tunnel Vision [Dispatch]
Ruffie – Unrequited [Machinist]
Xenon – Nobody [Off-License]
Trex & Rider Shafique – Undergrowth [Onyx]
Millstreet – 2049 [Glitch Audio]
IYRE – Āśrama [Goldfat]
Dutchi – Ways Of The Underground [Nurtured Beatz]
Operate – LSD [Overview]
Minor Forms – DYR [Vandal]
Cryptographic – Zone [Inception Audio]
Shadows – Continuum [Context Audio]
The Faraday – Police [Onset Audio]
Heatwave – You’re Sleeping [AGN7 Audio]
Kelle – Krilya [Kos Mos Music]
Eusebeia – Starsign [Modern Conveniences]
K2T – Look Up From the Ground [Drum Army]
ELK – Déchoir [Repertoire]
Freed From Desire (HNGVR x UnoTurbo 160 Flip) [Free Download]
Cryogenics & Eschaton – Antigravity [Omni Music]
Tech Itch – TIDWL003-001 [Tech Itch]
LMajor – Can’t Do It [Astrophonica]
Sully – 5ives [Over/Shadow]
Baba – Cotton Candy [4NCY]

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