DLR – Your Mind EP [Metalheadz]

New material from DLR has consistently proved excellent since his split with production partner Octane (who sadly has been pretty quiet by comparison), and his latest EP for Metalheadz is no exception. While retaining plenty of dancefloor heft on the tracks, the overall vibe seems atmospheric, and even contemplative; appropriate given the title of the release.

The title track sees DLR joining forces with Mako for a skittering drumfunk extravaganza; soft pads and a plethora of percussive elements give the tune most of it’s character, but there’s some tasty bass pressure for good measure too. 10 Steps sounds more like a “conventional” DLR track by comparison, with a rolling beat and slightly more dancefloor sensibilities. An ominous and slightly hypnotic melody stalks throughout the tune, bringing to mind a slightly altered consciousness.

Sense Of Wanting continues this trend with another dancefloor friendly slice of techy business, impeccably constructed as ever. Seek Knowledge meanwhile sees Mako back on board and Rider Shafique on vocal duties for a track that sounds like the spiritual successor to the excellent Setup The Set from Octane & DLR’s Method in the Madness LP. Lastly Outbound rounds off the EP with a halfstep beat plodding along in a dubby fashion amidst creepy pads, jazzy FX and a plethora of swirling, groaning bass.

As we’ve come to expect from the Metalheadz new school this is another essential purchase – grab it now from your favourite outlet on vinyl or digital.

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