Survey – Object Relations EP [Protect Audio]

Protect Audio return with a top new EP from German production outfit Survey. Fresh from releases on Invisible and Authentic, Survey are slowly carving themselves a rep for crisp, techy beats and this latest EP sees their style and talents honed once again.

Collapse kicks things off with a smooth slice of rolling techstep which brings to mind early Ulterior Motive productions for Subtitles Music. Jumpat gets in on the action for 9814, which keeps the grimey bass texture but switches the drum rhythms up in favour of weird, tribal syncopations aimed more at your head than your dancing shoes.

The tone and detail continue through Fragment and Inhale, both harnessing a darkness and industrial quality which may well be inspired by the atmosphere of Survey’s current home, Berlin. Check out the clips below and watch out for this dropping on CD and digital from October 20th.

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