Ghast – The Drake Equation EP [Free Love Digi]

Free Love Digi bring us yet another essential release, cementing the label’s reputation for cutting edge 170BPM sounds. Nootropics opens the salvo on Ghast’s latest work, showing a clever progression from the raging tech of the drop into the mellower and more atmospheric tones of the second half of the track. Retrovertigo sees this atmosphere flowing onwards into glitchy, half-time drums and deep, rich synth leads and atmospheres.

The Drake Equation brings the tone to a darker place again, with creepy synths and frenetic, jungle-infused drums clattering away as the tune drives along. Last but not least Vice Versa brings together twisted jazz licks, eastern vocal cut ups and a slouching, hip-hop-ish beat for the EP’s most “far out” track. Truly innovative stuff. Check out the clips below and grab this from your favourite digital store from December 1st.

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