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Addictive Behaviour celebrate their first birthday this month with a podcast from new signing Artifact and a free release featuring a track from him and new beats from TR Tactics and L33. We figured it was high time to catch up with the crew for a chat, so read on for the lowdown on all things AB.

DNB Dojo: What’s your history with the D&B scene before the formation of Addictive Behaviour?

Clayton: Three people run Addictive, Neil Saunders, Nicky Hands and myself. I guess the history and what all of us have in common is simple, a long-term addiction to drum & bass music! Nicky and Neil have been DJing for years and are also working towards producing their own sound for Addictive.

DD: What made you want to start a label, and what sets AB apart from the pack?

C: Nicky and I have experienced the scene evolve from hardcore through to jungle and D&B. Neil’s a bit younger, we met him on a night out raving through a mutual friend four years ago. We kept on bumping into to each other at various festivals, warehouse parties and soon discovered we all have backgrounds in events promotion. But not only D&B, there has also been house, techno, breaks and old skool parties. Chatting with Neil after one particularly heavy night out at Brixton Academy we all decided to join forces and launch Addictive Behaviour. With the guys’ interest in production and DJing it was decided to launch Addictive Behaviour the label first and eventually start throwing a few parties too.

There are so many brilliant long-standing labels already out there correctly representing artists. Out of respect it wouldn’t be right to say we stand above others that we respect so highly. However we do feel there is space for one more! It’s still early days but I’d like to think the labels identity is starting to shine through…

DD: In an age where many labels are digital only it’s refreshing to see new labels making a commitment to vinyl. Given the extra costs involved, what made you take the decision to offer vinyl releases?

C: Deciding whether to put releases out on vinyl or not was particularly difficult. We all own Technics and lots of vinyl, it’s a format we are really passionate about, but you’re correct it’s an expensive move for a new label. We feel there really is nothing quite like owning a record collection. That warmer, richer analogue sound, its more than just music. It’s an experience and an investment. Let’s face it CDs don’t really last and you can’t resell audio files. Vinyl is the real deal! People are still buying vinyl and so Addictive will do our best to keep on supporting the market.

DD: You’ve had some fairly prestigious names on board since the start, with releases from the likes of Detail, L33 and Eastcolors. How did you come to work with these artists?

C: Yes we consider ourselves privileged to be working with all of these guys. We’ve been following their careers as fans from the beginning. I approached them a couple of years ago while Addictive was still in its planning stages. They liked our proposals, which lead to the High Rollers EP.

DD: What does the label have in store for 2015?

C: Addictive are excited to welcome several new artists to our roster for 2015. Ed:it kicks things off with three tracks on 12″ and digital formats. Following this will be releases from Detail & Tiiu, Handra & Mortem, Eastcolors & Noel, TR Tactics, L 33, Minor Rain and more. There will also be an eight track digital release featuring a whole host of artists new to the label. The 2015 roster will be announced very soon; we’ll keep you posted!

It’s also planned to throw our first label party, so plenty of exciting stuff! Big up to everyone for supporting us in our first year! Roll on 2015 – Addictive Crew! =)

You can check out the free tracks and the birthday podcast below – head over to the Addictive Behaviour Facebook page for details on how to get your free download.

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