Altered Perception – 1144 EP [PowerON Records]

Sam Altered Perception is a busy man. Between co-running five (five!) record labels and a nearly constant stream of new productions, we’re not quite sure when the man finds any time to sleep or eat.

His latest EP for 50/50 sublabel PowerON is some of his finest work to date, exploring the halftime D&B template with an emphasis on intricate percussion. Title track 1144 brings some serious bassweight to the party, growling away behind a plethora of skittering percussion inside a tight kick/snare riddim. Synchronicity takes things deeper, with floaty synths, heavy sub and almost drumfunk style fills driving the tune along.

Last but not least, Space Invaderz takes things in a ravier direction with old school stabs and a staccato feel to the composition. This one hits hard! The halftime style continues to prove an exciting dimension to the D&B sound, and we hope to hear more from AP in this style in future. No release date as yet, so keep your eye on the relevant Facebook feeds for news.

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