Goldie – Broken Man [Metalheadz]

Metalheadz continue their absolutely stellar run of recent releases with a single from label boss Goldie. Broken Man brings in a heart-wrenching vocal from young soul vocalist Kwabs and generally eschews D&B conventions to focus on a more “song” style composition, with the other sonic elements all serving to lift and empower the vocal in the mix. It definitely won’t be for everyone but for our money this is a cracking piece of music, charged with emotion and not seeking anyone’s approval.

Over on the flip Ivy Lab’s Halogenix delivers a sleek remix that should tick all the requisite boxes for fans of the deep liquid roller, and certainly makes the track a bit more DJ friendly. Expect to hear this reached for late in the night, and possibly the subject of some cheeky double drops with heftier tunes. Top class from Metalheadz once again; check out the clips below and hit up their store to grab it on vinyl or digital now.

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