DNB Dojo Mix Series 24: Fuj


For our first mix of 2016 we welcome Fuj to the DNB Dojo Mix Series! With some cracking releases under his belt for AutomAte Deep and Scientia and a fresh remix just about to drop for Cirrus’s Terra Null imprint, Fuj’s deep, dark style has been turning heads for some time, and we’re big fans here at Dojo HQ.

For his DNB Dojo mix he’s compiled a selection that is threatening and thoughtful in equal measure, featuring deep cuts from the likes of Module Eight, Loxy & Overlook alongside techier business from the likes of Amoss and Fre4knc, and of course a few of his own beats for good measure. Grimey business…

As usual you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Mixcloud, Hearthis.at or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Ghostek – Velvet (Forge remix)
Thing – Atomica
The Untouchables – Weapon X
No Rules & Torn – Massacre
Loxy & Overlook – Harbour
Pessimist – Gas Heads
Mystic State – Spirituality
MTWN – Spinal Groove
Amit – Pripyat
Space Matters – Westend
Skadi – Quick March
Mystic State – Lost Cause
Fuj & Dauntless – Deadweight
Paragon & Gremlinz – Oranda
Synx – Hollow Point
Foreign Concept & Xtrah – Harsh Reality
Paragon – Heirship
Survey – Deflection
Skeptical – Square Breathing
Fuj – Death Trader
Survey, Tehpra & Arkoze – Pattern
Amoss – Crooked Arm
Fuj – Rogue Inferno
J.Robinson – The Tribal Effect
Acid Lab – Hybrid
Module 8 – Meltdown
Last Life – 85 15
Mako – Let The Truth Be Heard
Danny Scrilla – Fallout (Goth Trad remix)
Fuj – Pressure Plates
DBR UK – 2-Shots (feat. Gremlinz)
Jaydrop – Camo
Fre4knc – Marching Cube VIP
K-Rob & Kevlar – Hostile Visitors
Cirrus – Angel (Fuj Remix)
Homemade Weapons – Beowulf VIP
SKV18 – Falling
Concealed Identity & Mental Forces – Nomad
Overlook, Loxy & Resound – The Lodge
Antagonist & Paragon – Deadly Design
Fuj – The Prow

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