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Hybris has had a good couple of years; not everyone can boast of collaborations with Noisia, not to mention having their debut LP released on the trio’s prestigious Invisible imprint. With a new track just out on Melbourne’s Plasma Audio imprint we tracked down the Czech Tech wizard for a quick chat about his latest work, collaborating with the Dutch legends and his favourite studio snacks.

DNB Dojo: So, you’ve got a new track out on Plasma Audio called Carousel. Care to tell us a bit about the track and what the name might be alluding to?

Hybris: Carousel was a long time in the making. Originally the main focus was the loose swingy groove and sort of sloppy vibe. It reminded me of what Animal from the Muppets would make if he made D&B. It sat on my hard drive for ages under the name Sloppy Jalopy. A few months later I was working on something completely unrelated, messing around with hacking up and pitching vocals, and I suddenly realized I had created the perfect nonsense vocal hook for Sloppy Jalopy.

I layered it on top, it fit like a glove, and it altered the vibe in a way that the name no longer made sense. It needed it to be something more upbeat and playful, but not too cheesy. After considering a few names, I asked the ultimate song namer, my wife, and she suggested Carousel. She had already named Garbage Truck on Emergence, and Carousel really did seem to fit the oddly playful vibes, so I went with it.

DD: What’s your connection to the Plasma crew? Did they pursue you online for a release, or did you meet them on tour in Melbourne?

H: I had spoken with Ben Safire a few times online, we had even shared a single on Dispatch, but we had never worked on anything because I always tend to prefer to work with people I know personally. When I toured Australia and hung out for a few days in Melbourne, it very quickly became apparent that Ben and the rest of the crew are absolute badasses, and that Plasma was definitely something I wanted to be a part of.

DD: You’ve been relatively quiet since the Transgressor EP dropped on Invisible last July. Have you been taking time out, or just busy in the studio cooking up something big?

H: I never take much time off. A day or two away from the studio makes me feel lazy and unproductive, so I’m there as often as possible. Having said that, I’m a big believer in releasing strictly quality music, so most of what I make doesn’t make the cut. So when I’m quiet, it’s not because I’m not working, it’s because I’m stockpiling tunes for the next release.

Right now I’m working towards another EP, but it’s a bit too soon to say anything more than that. However, before that I’ve got another tune coming out on the next Invisible VA EP, and two collabs with Gridlok coming out on P51.

DD: 2015 also saw the release of two tracks you worked on with Mefjus and Noisia. What was it like collaborating with some of the biggest names in the scene? Are Noisia’s studios as awesome as they look in the photos?

H: It’s always a pleasure going into the studio with producers you respect, and I respect the shit out of Noisia and Mefjus. It’s a bit intimidating trying to accomplish what you want to on someone else’s setup, but working with those dudes is a lot of fun and very natural. It’s all about communication and expressing opinions and ideas in a confident but flexible way, and the vibes in the studio were all good.

And yes, their studios are absolutely ridiculous, better than in the photos. I have never been in any other studio where it’s necessary to open the door for background noise because it’s TOO silent.

DD: Can we expect a follow up to Emergence any time soon, or are you waiting a while to tackle the “difficult second album”?

H: I’m planning on waiting on that one. Emergence was a soul draining endeavour, and I’m a big believer that any good album has to be made that way. I’m sharpening my chops and figuring out the next level of the Hybris sound, and once I hone in a bit more on that I’ll be ready to start producing the next chapter.

DD: Last up, what’s your favourite studio snack?

H: I’m lucky enough to have a cafe below my studio, so on my breaks I usually have a soup and a beer. I’m so consistent that the servers are confused when I order one without the other.

Hybris – Carousel is out now on Plasma Audio via Beatport.

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