Minor Rain – The Resistance EP [Addictive Behaviour]

When it comes to neurofunk, Addictive Behaviour are one of our favourite labels. Between their commitment to quality vinyl releases and their talent for signing tracks that balance dancefloor chops with musicality (and avoid tearout cliche), they’re pretty much setting the bar for independent dancefloor D&B, and frankly they’re putting some of the bigger labels to shame.

Their latest effort from Minor Rain continues that fine tradition with three new cuts from Slovakia’s finest. Lead track Resistance keeps things gritty with tons of crunchy bass texture and hefty drum hits to provide a refined and detailed take on the traditional dark roller, and tasty stuff it is too.

Elsewhere on the EP Going Crazy combines some pretty “pew pew” synth lazer action with a robotic riddim and a cheeky vocal hook for the EP’s most light-hearted track. Last up, Hydra smashes the riddims up into a gloriously chaotic ensemble of beats and bass that swerves from rolling and rhythmic to angular and gnarly at will. Wicked stuff! Check out the clips below and hit up the usual stores to grab a copy on red vinyl or digital right now.

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