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Sardinian producer and DJ ArpXP returns to Sun & Bass Recordings for the label’s first solo artist EP this month, with another great selection of deep, melancholic rollers. We grabbed Simone for a quick chat to find out about his links to the festival, the inspiration behind the tracks and where he’d disappear to given the chance…

DNB Dojo: Hi Simone, thanks for chatting with us! What have you been up to today?

ArpXP: You are welcome, thanks! I’ve spent the whole day at work, as always: I’m a graphic designer and yes, sometimes, eventually, a producer and DJ.

DD: So your latest EP is coming out soon via Sun & Bass Recordings. Tell us about your history with the festival and how you got involved in the label?

A: I have a strong relationship with Sun & Bass for many reasons: as a DJ, as a designer and as a friend. I’ve been involved since day one and our goal was to create a platform where we can present music that reminds people of the Sun & Bass vibe.

DD: You’re now the first artist to release a solo EP for Sun & Bass and the only artist to have featured on every label release! Do they get first refusal on your tunes?

A: Absolutely yes. Sun & Bass has been a seminal aspect of my whole career, and it’s that place where I feel free to do what I like. No rules, no borders, absolute creative freedom.

DD: The title of the EP and quite a lot of the tracks feel quite melancholic, particularly Fifth Step Is Goodbye. Can you tell us what inspired the moods in the music?

A: I feel most comfortable writing that kind of music; sometimes sad, sometimes moody, often introspective. The funny thing is that in the real life I’m exactly the opposite!

DD: So with the festival over for another year and this latest EP almost out, what’s next for ArpXP?

A: I have a couple of collaborations in the pipeline, one in particular with one of my favourite artists in the scene. A couple of remixes, and loads of new stuff, already tested, a little different from what people expect.

DD: Last up, if you could literally fade away and disappear without trace, where would you go and what would you do?

A: I would definitely stay where I live, in Cagliari (Sardinia). Its not that bad.

The Fade Away EP is out now on vinyl and digital.

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