DNB Dojo Podcast #4 – Feb 2017

Dojo boss Hex is back with the latest in the monthly Dojo podcast series featuring 85 minutes of the best D&B to land in the Dojo inbox over the last month. As always we’re representing all the styles of D&B with bassy halftime, techstep, liquid rollers, minimal cuts and dancefloor neuro all featured in the mix. Brand new tunes from HØST, Klax, Mark Kloud, SCAR, Mikal, Dead Man’s Chest and many more…

You can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

John Rolodex – Warship Worship [Machinist Music]
Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent – Shifting Tones [CIA Deepkut]
Picota & Kumbh – The Last Mile [Comanche]
Emperor & Solah – Made of Light (Klax Remix) [Critical]
Surreal – Crime Scene [Celsius]
Corrupted – Ando [Ronin Ordinance]
Fractale – Listen [The Dreamers]
HØST – Don’t Stop [Vandal LTD]
Kusp – Getting By [Context Audio]
HØST – M-Bone [Sweetbox]
Mr Joseph – Obeah [Fokuz]
Meloki & Mr Porter – Handle Weaponry [Nurtured Beatz]
Mako & Andyskopes – The Mercenary [Dispatch]
AX Farel – Cork Up (Impish Remix) [Occulti LTD]
Cirrus – Moment [Onset Audio]
Mark Kloud – Rockies [Party Guy]
Phace – Plastic Acid [Blackout]
Skeptical & Alix Perez – Without a Trace [Exit]
Xorcore – Fight Or Flight [Beat Spectrum]
Impish – Fight of Flight [Fokuz]
Mikal – Footprint [Counterpoint]
QBig & Zenith B – Impala [Iridescent Music]
Not Guilty – Subject [Blackhill Productions]
Cruk – Bloodlust [Dispatch LTD]
Break Violence Syndicate – 4 The Cyborgs (Manifest Remix) [Tytanium Armour]
Sense MC, Codebreaker & Philth – After Dark [Diffrent]
Need For Mirrors – Clarity [Fokuz]
Dom & Roland & Xanadu – Ultraviolet [Dom & Roland]
BSE & Noisia – The Veil [Blackout]
Cirrus & Fuj – The Frog [AutomAte Deep]
Malaky – Speak Low [Celsius]
Mindmapper – Suppressor (Need For Mirrors Remix) [Eternia]
Nucleus & Paradox – Take You There [Esoteric]
HLZ – Whales [Flexout]
Digital – Daylight Robbery (J Kenzo VIP) [Function]
Dub Elements – Heartbeat [Viper]
Telomic – Compelled [Celsius]
Calyx & Teebee – Ruffian [RAM]
Total Science & Break – Big Time Winners [CIA]
Pola & Bryson – Monument [Shogun]
Cuelock – 4th System [Ortem]
Fearbace – Connections [Bay 6]
SCAR – Run The Track [Dispatch]
Still – Flux [Diffrent]
Dead Man’s Chest – Tears (Fantazia Version) [Ingredients]

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