DNB Dojo Podcast #9 – Jul 2017

Hex is back once again with a selection of this month’s best D&B including fresh beats from Impish, Delta, HØST, Frame, Survival and many more. Check it!

As usual you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to the iTunes Store. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Impish – Can’t Feel (Vinyl Mix) [Occulti]
D Flect & Arcus – Realignment [Blackhill Production]
Greazus & Sinistarr – Champagne Emoji [Vandal]
Seibel – With Closed Eyes [T3K Extended]
Insomniax – Crying Rain [Viper]
Delta – Second Wave [Microdot]
Spline – Rock [Bad Taste]
Tunes Auto – Afraid of the Dark [Won#Kay]
Parhelia – Is This A Hologram? [Scientific]
Soul Intent & Acid Lab – Clash of Headz [Dope Plates]
Frame – Natural Sound [The Dreamers]
HØST – Do It [Terabyte]
alg0rh1tm – Obscure Habitat [Onset Audio]
Danky – Reminiscing [Tsunami Bassweight]
Agbo – Gravity [Occulti]
Dexta – Goomba Riddim [None Sixty]
Monika – Vector [Soulvent]
Detboi – Secret Venom [Metalheadz]
Friske – Temperamental VIP [Metalheadz]
Mean Teeth & Kerizma MC – Gutterfunk [Lifestyle]
John B – Energy [D&B Arena]
Hybris & DLR – Every Day Is A New Tomorrow [Dispatch]
Physics – Fountain of Youth [Deconstructed]
Goldie – Prism [Metalheadz]
Nuphlo – Mountains (Moresounds Remix) [Studio Rockers]
Array – Mammoth [Modular Carnage]
Thesis – Feel Again [Celsius]
Coma & Sense MC – Dyonisus (QZB Remix) [Flexout]
Mefjus & Kasra – Decypher [Critical]
Skeletone – Sultry Day [Soul Trader]
Bensley – Slither [RAM]
DJ Trax – Feeling Deeper [Next Phase]
K2T & Manu – Khnum [Detached Audio]
Survival & Codebreaker – Take It Back [Dispatch]
Brain & Novaglitch – Enemy Strike [Melting Pot]
Brain Crisis & Malk – Whirl Wind [Major League DNB]
The Science – The Sea & I (Lockjaw Remix) [Methlab]
Conduct – Takai [Blu Mar Ten]
Naibu – Again [Paradox Music]
Lockjaw – With You (The Sneak Remix) [Locked Concept]
Mark System – 600k [Exit]
Dissident – Termite Mounds [Absys]

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