DNB Dojo Podcast #15 – Jan 2018

Hex kicks off 2018 with the usual full-spectrum D&B selection for the first podcast of the year. New beats inside from John Rolodex, Paradox, AudioSketch, SubMarine and many more, plus unreleased dubs from GY96 and Just Jungle. Get to know…

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

John Rolodex – InnaZone [Machinist Music]
Cynical Gene – Resurgence [Fragmented]
Vorles – Distance [Triplicate]
Vecster – Cute Dealer [Invasion]
Dissident – Cocosmos [Microfunk Music]
QZB x Phentix – Indigo Heart [Flexout]
Tremah & Innaself – Water Colour [Celsius]
Soligen – By My Side [Fokuz]
Chet Mututo – Princess [Inception Audio]
Paragon & Voyage – Convolution [Tech Itch]
Rich Raw – Peruvian Flat [Wyatt Noise]
Animal Defection – Hurricane [BNC Express]
PRTCL – Your City [DSCI4]
Bad District & Facade – Prey [Major League DNB]
Fuj – Aptitude [Ronin Ordinance]
Wave – Citizens of Mars [Re.Set Audio]
dgoHn – So Be It, Lumbricina [Love Love Records]
Ivy Lab – Peninsula (Spectrasoul Remix) [Critical]
Henry – Insomnia [Default]
SubMarine – Taiko [Demand]
Manifold & Juggernaut – World Gone Mad
Xtrah & Codebreaker – Set The Levels VIP [Critical]
AudioSketch – Reborn [Celsius]
Paradox – Dioxan [Paradox Music]
Facing Jinx & Olski – Old Park Road [Peer Pressure]
Blackboxx – Wavves [Fokuz]
Fearbace – All in A Day [Bay 6]
The Corpus – Cult X [None60]
Leniz – I Never Really Knew You [Ambra]
Manta – Cosmonaut [T3K]
Linear – Fundamental Funk [Nu Venture]
Subreachers & Bassdubbers – Again Son [Tesseract]
Just Jungle – Rapid Hours [Dub]
Akov – Hot Flush [Cause4Concern]
Stranjah & Tony Ranks – Don’t Talk (Foreign Concept Remix) [Deviant Audio]
Pulsate, Nexus & Tight – No Grudge [Terra Firma]
Acid Lab & Elusive Element – Coral [Methlab BNKR]
Inf.Inia – Sounds Like These [Beat Spectrum]
Dolenz – Mr Turner [Exit]
Nephrollian – Karatod [Invasion]
Lakeway – Borderlines [Diffrent]
Sentic Cycle – Padme [Delta9]
Enei, Kasra & Jakes – Transmitter [Critical]
Option – I Need It [Detached Audio]
Hmr – Supa Dupa [Beat Spectrum]
GY96 – Eyes Wide Open [Dub]

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