DNB Dojo Mix Series 64: Vortex

We’re hyped to welcome Canadian D&B foursome Vortex to the Dojo decks for our latest exclusive mix! With an LP dropping on Deviant Audio next week and a ton of beats in the works, the super team of Stranjah, Groves, Captivate and David Louis are set for a big 2018.

For their Dojo mix the guys have dished up a selection of 100% original material from the Vortex project and their solo aliases, including tons of cuts from the Flow State LP and a handful of dubs to boot. Sick! As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Vortex – Flow State LP Intro
Vortex – History
Stranjah – Rasss
Captivate – Motion
Nameless – HT
Vortex – Defcon 5
David Louis & Groves – Quantum
Groves – Tengmo Rah
Stranjah – Technodub
Groves – The Beluga
David Louis – Bodied
David Louis & Stranjah – Headwall
Stranjah – Crusader
Vortex – Cube
Vortex – Stance
Vortex – Flow State
Vortex – Smoke
Vortex – Dimension One
Vortex – Hindu Fish
Vortex & Iyer – Serial
Vortex – Flood
Captivate & Stranjah – Cashme
Vortex- Flat P
Blu Mar Ten – Titans (Vortex Remix)
Vortex – Untitled
Vortex – Fujita
Vortex – Brainstem
Vortex – Polar
Vortex – Flow State LP outro

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