The Upbeats & Noisia – Shibuya Pet Store [No Sleep Til]

A little while ago, The Upbeats launched a kickstarter for an ambitious project called “No Sleep Til…”. Their plan involved flying to unusual parts of the world with some collaborators and exploring their locales to see how it might influence the music made. Following the success of the fundraising campaign, and with help from Creative New Zealand, the first of the material has surfaced this week featuring regular studio pals Noisia, made on a recent trip to Japan.

Named after one of Tokyo’s busier business districts, Shibuya Pet Store sees both groups of producers easing off their sometimes full-tilt production styles in favour of something a bit more relaxed and unusual. From the weird melodies of the intro into the quirky main riff, this one definitely isn’t a high octane smasher, but the result is one of the most interesting pieces of music to come out of either camp for some time.

We can’t wait to see who else The Upbeats have been working with for the rest of the No Sleep Til… releases, but in the meantime you can check out Shibuya Pet Store below. Hit up your favourite store to grab a copy right now.

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