DNB Dojo Mix Series 88: Hybris

This one is pretty special…we’re incredibly excited to bring you an exclusive mix today from the one and only Hybris! Packed full of cuts from his own label Pseudoscience alongside classics from the man himself for Subtitles and Metalheadz, plus cuts from imprints like Sofa Sound, Guidance and Invisible, this is an hour long masterclass in the intricate, technical end of D&B. Sick selections!

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Ding – Duster [Pseudoscience]
Submarine & Skepticz – Shingoki [Sofa Sound]
Rido – Faith [Metalheadz]
Hybris – Occult [Subtitles]
Homemade Weapons – Red Tide [Samurai]
Hybris – Not Bug [Pseudoscience]
Serum – Mixed Grill [31]
Hybris – Iceworm [Metalheadz]
Workforce – Setting Traps [Must Make]
Hybris – Say Hello to the Future [Pseudoscience]
Exept & MVRK – Artificial Delight [Pseudoscience]
Volatile Cycle & Barbarix – The Beginning (Hybris Remix) [Dissected Culture]
Ulterior Motive – OneTwoSeven [Guidance]
Dauntless – Geomacy [Invisible]
Total Science & Jubei – Reality Check [C.I.A.]
Hybris – Mug [Pseudoscience]
Kije & Jay Mythix – Perebor [Invisible]
OaT – Mesa [Pseudoscience]
Subtle Element – L.M.F. [Sofa Sound]
Signal – Pixelate [Invisible]
Fracture & Alix Perez – Realise [1985]
Enei – Easter Island [Critical]
MVRK – Dots [Pseudoscience]
Signal, Abis & DLR – Artworld [Sofa Sound]
Ulterior Motive – Walnuts [Guidance]
Hybris – The Cleaner VIP [Critical]
Ill Truth & Satl – Hot Data [C.I.A.]
Hybris – Arbio Barbio [Sofa Sound]
Hybris & MVRK – Superfood [Pseudoscience]

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