Premiere: Karl K – Broken

US legend Karl K returns with a new EP this month, channelling struggles with his mental and physical health into his music following a series of strokes in 2017. The raw energy and sci-fi sound design of his productions from the early 2000s is still present today and still just as compelling…check it out and be sure to hit up the Miracle Drug Recordings Bandcamp to grab a copy from May 28th!

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Evolved – Encounter 001

When three labels from three countries join forces for a new series of releases you know you’re in for something special. Enter T3K, Sine Function and Hanzom, as they unite for the Encounter series. With three labels collaborating on the release it seems appropriate that the music itself is also a collaborative venture – Evolved sees four producers from Brussels pooling their talents, and thus far the results have been impressive, not least their recent EP for Delta9 Recordings.

On this release the Evolved gang are flexing their creative muscles to create some finely sharpened, futuristic D&B cuts. The influence of the harder-edged neurofunk sound is audible here in the sound design and percussion but the overall aesthetic is one of restraint; detailed atmospheres have largely been prioritised over brutalising basslines.

The result is three detailed, enthralling tracks taking in different styles; Brainless delivers a dark and ominous roller, while Intuition goes deeper, serving up futuristic android soul against sharpened percussive presence. The Cure rounds things out with a menacing halftime swagger, keeping the atmosphere but adding a hint of hip-hop swing.

Overall this is a powerful statement of intent and some of the most interesting music we’ve heard so far this year, combining technicality with soul and depth. We look forward to hearing more from Evolved and more from Encounter…in the meantime Encounter 001 is available right now via digital stores and streaming.

Premiere: Blockdata – Exas

We’ve got an absolute face-melter on today’s premiere as UK hard D&B producer Blockdata lands on the well-respected Ohm Resistance! Exas delivers exactly the sort of precision sound design and heavy hitting bassline modulations you’d expect; haunting breakdowns and savage verses. Look for this on vinyl and digital from Feb 14th!

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Premiere: NOVALU & VRUM – Bitterkuss

German producers NOVALU and VRUM team up on today’s premiere! Forthcoming on Hyperobject sublabel TÖ TÖ TAM TAM, Bitterkuss demonstrates a knack for punchy, futuristic sound design while still retaining a soulful side often lost in the technicalities of modern D&B. Look for this coming Nov 12th at all good digital stores!

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Spor – Anachronic [Sotto Voce]

New music from Spor is a fairly rare treat these days, with the main focus of Jon Gooch’s time being his lower-tempo Feed Me alias, but what he lacks in quantity he certainly makes up for in quality. Anachronic lands four years after the Black Eyed EP and five years on from the Caligo LP, but if you’re looking for detailed, cerebral neuro that still packs enough punch for the dancefloor this will certainly scratch that itch.

In Rixa opens the EP with a Ghost In The Shell-esque intro before crashing into a helter-skelter of heavy hitting percussion and roaring basslines, maintaining that chaos until the final minute when the track drops into a more conventional rolling breakbeat. Beam Cannon picks up that energy, keeping things simmering along nicely with call and response patterns jumping between funk bass hits, synth growls and melodic flourishes.

Title track Anachronic brings a rock aesthetic to the table; snatches of distorted guitar intermingle with weighty drums and some characteristically twisted bassline modulations for possibly our favourite track from the EP. Things then take a left-turn for Your Mind is Water, which channels old Photek records into a deep and ominous journey through sub pressure and intricate drum programming.

Turning that energy back up to eleven for the finishing salvo, Cohesion provides the most obviously dancefloor-focused track, with a hooky bassline riff and pounding drum line. Finally Count My Blessings heads off into full pop & bass anthem territory with a vocal led number reminiscent of some of Pendulum’s later output. This one will probably prove divisive; certainly in danger of stepping over the line into outright cheese, it is nonetheless a very well-constructed tune.

Whatever your thoughts on Jon’s rock-star aspirations on the closing track, this is another varied and interesting release from one of the finest producers in the scene. Who knows when we’ll get more, but fingers crossed it won’t be another four years. Check out the tracks below, and hit this link to grab the EP on vinyl or digital from your favourite outlet. We’d also thoroughly recommend checking out Spor’s mix for UKF Hyper Vision, which features a number of tracks from the EP alongside some lives modular jams and as-yet unreleased material.

Premiere: Droptek – Bloodline (Madster Remix)

Madster lands in our premiere spotlight today with a cracking new remix for Droptek! Twisting up the funk laden halftime of the original into a tight stepper, this one is all staccato rhythms and playful drums including some fantastic 4/4 switchups. Deadly. Look out for this coming alongside a grip of other remixes from Droptek’s Symbiosis LP via Korsakov Music from July 3rd.

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Premiere: MVRK – Fourier

Delta9 Recordings return with the latest instalment of their From The Streets LP series and we’ve got the exclusive on deep tech rumbler Fourier. Hungarian producer MVRK is on the buttons, delivering a driving tune full of atmosphere and futuristic sounds. Look out for the album coming May 15th at all the usual stores…

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Premiere: Neofunkers – Oracle

Dubbed out bass, technical percussion and unusual FX characterise today’s premiere as Neofunkers land on Sound Rising with a top new single. Oracle goes deep, wobbling its way through your subwoofer with a playful slab of bassline pressure. Tasty! Look for this coming Nov 18th at all good digital stores…

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DNB Dojo Mix Series 96: MAE917

Vancouver’s MAE917 has impressed us here at Dojo HQ with some serious dubplate fire over recent months, so we jumped at the chance to get him on board the Dojo Mix Series! Featuring dark tech from the likes of QZB, Kyrist and Zero Zero alongside a slew of dubs from himself and others, this is a wicked selection of futuristic beats. Check it out.

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Premiere: OaT – Close Management

Today’s exclusive comes via German label T3K as OaT delivers the latest instalment of their T3Knology series. Close Management goes in deep, bringing together a brooding bassline with some of the most intricate and musical percussive precision you’re likely to hear this year. So much detail in this one! Look for the release dropping Sep 25th at all the usual stores…

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