Guest Mix: Electrosoul System

Legendary Russian producer and DJ Electrosoul System steps up to deliver our latest guest mix! With a 15 year career spanning releases for the likes of Med School, Subtitles, Fokuz, Spearhead and his own label Kos.Mos.Music, we jumped at the chance to get a fresh selection from a man we’ve long been fans of.

For this mix Andrey has gone in on a 100% Kos.Mos selection. Spanning everything from some of the label’s earliest releases right up to the present day and a few dubs to boot, and taking in everything from rolling liquid to amen bangers, this is a true 360 degree representation of the Kos.Mos sound. Wicked stuff!

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Logarithmia – Fell Your Heartbeat [KOSMOS010]
Paladion – Raspberry [KOSMOS052DGTL]
Wanted ID – T-Funk [KOSMOS067DGTL]
nClear & Triple Sky – Landmark [KOSMOS065LPDGTL]
Bop – Skeptikos (Mav Remix) [KOSMOS004]
Pryzma – Solar Tentacles [KOSMOS040DGTL]
Electrosoul System – Awakening Of Kali (P.B.K. Remix) [KOSMOS052DGTL]
Jaskin & Uneven – Stolen Memories [KOSMOS107DGTL]
RA-DO – Neuro Brain [Dub]
Dissident & Cyberworm – 70 Pieces Ov Sword (Kometa Remix) [Dub]
Hybert Phillips – Ritual [KOSMOS110DGTL]
Electrosoul System – Microrain [KOSMOS056DGTL]
Tire – Sin Reglas [KOSMOS051DGTL]
Future Engineers – Matter [KOSMOS046LPDGTL]
Electrosoul System – Whispers Of Witches [KOSMOS052DGTL]
Electrosoul System – Attention [KOSMOS003]
Wanted ID – Midnight Dancer [Dub]
Electrosoul System – Goaspherique [Dub]
nClear – Tibet Tune [KOSMOS106DGTL]
Dissident & Cyberworm – Entracte Endless (Electrosoul System Remix) [Dub]
Wanted ID – Bulletproof [Dub]
Electric Hive – Black Moon Rising (Liquitek Remix VIP) [Dub]
MidKnight Moon – Pure Wonder [KOSMOS111DGTL]
Jaskin & Uneven – Loopholes [KOSMOS107DGTL]

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