DNB Dojo Podcast #49 – Nov 2020

Winter might be drawing in but we’ve got loads of heat in the mix once again at Dojo HQ! Hex drops 90 minutes of new music for the penultimate episode of the year, with new tracks inside from Chase & Status, Gydra, Tokyo Prose, Altern 8, Duoscience, Wardown, and of course Hex’s latest releases for Detached Audio and Nurtured Beatz. Enjoy!

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Samath – Bones (feat. Mali Lloyd) [Parallel Depth]
Molecular – Ultron [EKOU]
Colossus – 5-HT (2020 Remix) [Bay 6]
Zombie Cats – Creatures [Drum Army]
Blockdata – Void [Triple G]
Visages – Momentum [1985]
Chase & Status ft Cutty Ranks – Retreat2018 RTRN VIP [Fabric]
Ncomfortable – One Foot Skank [BNC Express]
Heron Flow – Compare Love [CNVX]
Askel & Elere – Pulsar [Delta9]
Patch Notes – Link [Major League DNB]
Brain & Novaglitch – Time [ID Bogota]
Mikal – Breaks and Pads [Metalheadz]
Javano – Coral [Peer Pressure]
Ink & Loomis – Athena [Ronin Ordinance]
Johney – Stutter Dub [Deviant Audio]
Altern 8 – Hard Crew (Mechanizm & Kin Remix) [Altern 8]
Samurai Breaks – U Got Me [The Dreamers]
Phydra – Grave Robber [Wonk#ay Records]
Esoro – Error [Audio Entropy]
Henry & Leniz – You Got Me (Logam Remix) [Beats In Mind]
PAV4N x Hyroglifics – All On Black [4NC¥]
Om Unit meets Seekersinternational – Krnch [Berceuse Heroique]
Hex – Phosphorus [Nurtured Beatz]
John Frusciante – Blind Aim [Timesig]
Jem One & SR – Trojan [Metalheadz]
Muffler – Can You Feel (2020 Mix) [Blu Saphir]
Dan Guidance – Early Man [Celsius]
AZHOT – Inlandsis [DNBB Digital]
Malz – Defi City [Eyesome]
Gydra – Shadow Strategy [Eatbrain]
Psynchro & Implect – Pylesos [Shell Shock]
Detoxic – Frost Blast [Subplate]
Monika & Akuratyde – Moonlight Drive [Fokuz]
Brainwork & mnml – All Of It [The Chikara Project]
NOVALU & VRUM – Bitterkuss [TÖ TÖ TAM TAM]
Duoscience – Forget [Influence]
Simstah – Back And Forth [Influenza Media]
Sirus – Arashi (Hex’s Rollout Remix) [Detached Audio]
Tokyo Prose & Satl – Lights Down Low [footnotes]
Marc Renton – Signal Waves [Drum Army]
MAE917 – Cloud Capped [MAE917]
Finger & Brozak ft. Sebzero – No Flags [HC Records]
Wagz – Old Habits [None60]
Steve Alexander – Closer to the Sky [Omni Music]
Change of Pace & Domini – Colony [Shadow Net]
Medium – Tiberius [Tesseract]
Akuratyde – Last Forever (Real Train) [Modern Conveniences]
Tellus – Haze [Locked Concept]
y2d – Mobius Cube [y2d]
Coco Bryce – U I Luv [Critical]
Rusher – Time Waster [Black Lodge Audio]
Oaks – Snow (Orbr’s Lost In 96 Mix) [Dub]
Eusebeia – Recall [Modern Conveniences]
Paul Reset – MA1 Roller (The General’s Back to the Classics Mix) [Nerve]
Was A Be – The Walk [Unchained]
San – Subject 9 [Rua Sound]
Wardown – Rapture [Blu Mar Ten]
Chef Boyarbeatz – The Mandala Effect [Elastic Rhythms]
San – Everybody Out [Dead Trax]
Gydra – Poison Trap [Eatbrain]
Dabs – Martini (Extended Mix) [Dispatch]

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