DNB Dojo Podcast #55 – May 2021

Another month rolls on past which means only one thing…Hex returns with the usual selection of beats and bass. New music inside from Dedman, Break, Myselor, Artsea, Jaise, Soul Intent, Pacific and many more!

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Serum – Gator [Critical]
Grim Hellhound – Deepwater Drill [Huski]
Ink, Loxy & Resound – Think [Razors Edge]
Nuvertal – Ronin’ In the West [Celsius]
Tony The Spinner – Train [Dub]
Monika & Akuratyde – Moment (feat. Laura Hunter) [Fokuz]
Break – Never Say Never [Symmetry]
Jaise – A.I. Returns Empty Handed [Ohm Resistance]
Soul Defiance – Bump and Flex [Dub]
Mineral – Deep Thoughts [Omni Music]
Johnathan Thomas & Hex – Realness [SmallPrint]
KOAN Sound – Red Shift [Vision]
Incident & Sonic Rain – Never Be [inHabit]
Again Saudade – Armband Asia [Inperspective]
Simon Splice & Exile – Dark To Light [Eloisa]
Xenon – Chemical Love Factory [Humanoid]
Soul Intent – Bite It [Commercial Suicide]
Arxiva – Ego [Modular Carnage]
Madusea – Deity of Emerald Nights [Detached Audio]
Pacific – Hazy [Nightfall]
Dan Guidance & Henry – Cloud 9 [Celsius]
Dedman – Lead [Four Corners]
Battery & Philth – Majesty [Dispatch]
Salaryman – Red Eye [Ukroniq]
HEFT – Make Me Stronger [Blu Saphir]
Millstreet – Help Myself [Beats In Mind]
Myselor – Eternal Energy [Cause4Concern]
Inflamers & Bazil MC – Back With A Bang [Transparent Audio]
Ephyum – Holy Pole [Delta9]
QZB & Rider Shafique – Perfectly Aligned [Critical]
Taelimb & AirGlo – Pandemic [Rebel Music]
DJ Trax – Lost In You [Over/Shadow]
Riverview – Equinox [Riverview]
P.B.K – The Silk Road [Omni Music]
Missive – Denoument [Onset Audio]
Voyager – Shields Down [Tempo / Speed]
Metro – The Streets [Omni Music]
Total Science – Colony (2021 Remaster) [Metalheadz]
Athena – Take Flight [Goldfat]
M-Zine – Umbra [Dispatch]
Artsea – Radioparts [onesevenfour]
Ghast – Find Our Love [Free Love Digi]
Indigo Virus – Flyby [36 Hertz]
Levrige & Mystic State – Undercurrent [The Chikara Project]
Asymmetric – Digital Self [Dissymmetrical]
Airstrike & Lyndon Jarr – Rave Circus [The Dreamers]
Yaxx – Igniza [Egregore Collective]
Tyler Frost – Thoughts [Incidental Sonics]
Doc Scott – Far Away (2015 Remaster) [Metalheadz]
Dead Man’s Chest – Myth & Fire [Western Lore]
UnoTurbo – I Can [OBL/QUE]
John Rolodex – Until the Sky Takes Me (Loomis Remix) [Machinist Music]
My Nu Leng & Flava D – Ascendance [Maraki]

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