Ronin – Guillotine EP [Free Download]

Ever since I heard the excellent Battledrums EP I’ve been keeping a keen eye out for more releases from the rather talented Ronin. The evolution of his style has been interesting to watch too, and his latest work continues the trend started with the Once More With Venom EP and heads towards fairly D&B influenced territory.

Ronin’s cinematic style remains, as does the obvious influence of hip-hop, and the EP manages to bring together emotive piano and string elements with powerful bass and uptempo D&B-style drum work to great effect. It’s also been mixed for listening, with each track fading directly into the next to form a complete piece of music rather than four tracks with distinct beginnings and endings. Best of all you can grab the whole thing for free from Soundcloud. Highly recommended!

Ronin – Once More With Venom EP

I’ve been a big fan of Glasgow producer Ronin‘s work ever since I first heard The Battledrums EP which saw release back in 2010 via Paul Reset’s Nerve Breaks imprint. Ronin has been a bit quiet lately but he’s back this month with a new EP of top notch tunes, and as with all his other releases it’s absolutely free!

Combining his knack for sampling, filtering and deft MPC work with a a raft of drum & bass influences, the EP is a stylistic departure from previous more hip-hop based work. The quality remains high though and somehow despite the tempo shift it feels very “Ronin”; fans of his previous output will find what the atmosphere, texture and detail that makes his work so special is present in abundance on this release.

Check out the tracks below and grab yourself a free download from Ronin’s soundcloud page!