Indifferent – Cardboard Refuge EP [Free Love Digi]

After the storming success of the Versus LP Free Love Digi are back with a fresh new EP from new label signing Indifferent and it’s a four track treat of eclectic influences and unusual rhythms. Reggae, hip-hop and soca are all thrown into the melting pot with a healthy dollop of D&B and the results are playful and full of character.

Starting with funky jungle on Boom Shackle and the irresistible, wobbly, skanking vibe of Cardboard Refuge before moving to the eccentric breakbeats of Stokah and out into the techier, more rolling territory or Watch Da Bizness, Indifferent keeps things interesting throughout. Unashamedly dancefloor oriented but at the same time experimental, we’re challenging you not to rock out to these tracks! Check out the clips below and hit up your favourite digital outlet to grab the EP now.

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