DNB Dojo Mix Series 47: Mark Kloud

Respected US producer and Ground Mass label boss Mark Kloud brings us the latest exclusive DNB Dojo guest mix! Mark has dug deep for this one, delivering a 90 minute mix packed full of dubs including unreleased material from dBridge, Om Unit & Sam Binga. There are even some top secret tracks alongside plenty of the man’s own material, all of which makes for an enthralling journey through the deep end of the 170 sound. Get to know…

You can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Histibe & Subsets – I Will (ft. Lika Bugaeva) [Mask Movement]
Villem & Phase – Tell Me [Horizons Music]
??? – ???
Polar – Air Is Statik [Certificate 18]
M.T.S. – The Instigator [Juice Records]
Spinback & Q Project – Telemetry [Moving Shadow]
Datson – Inner Space [Exkursions / Lossless]
Panic Girl – Blue Lights (dBridge Don’t Panic Remix) [Shadybrain]
Abstract Elements – Right Way [CNVX]
??? – ???
Codename John – The Warning (Akinsa Redub)
Codename John – The Warning (Hyper John Remix)
Sonis – Real Rave Shit Hours
Homesick, Greazus, Sinistarr – Jumanji [Seclusiasis]
Lewis James – Snook [Astrophonica]
Samurai Breaks – Silverback [Ground Mass]
The Renegades – Next Man [Dynamix Records]
TMSV – Jazz Error [Cosmic Bridge]
Future Forces Inc. – Flash Gordon [Renegade Hardware]
Fracture – Back Up In This [Astrophonica]
Walters – We Nuh Fraid [Reform Music]
Mark Kloud – Strength [Forthcoming ???]
Mark Kloud – Creation [Sublimate Forthcoming]
Mister Shifter – Dub Attack
dBridge & J Kenzo – Seiiki [Exit]
Mark Kloud – Hollow Note [Party Guy Records]
Sully – Helios (Philip D. Kick Remix) [Astrophonica]
Clothcutter – No Good [Party Guy Records]
John E. Wink – Phrenetik Transit [Comfy Audio]
Mark Kloud – Not One To Harm [Party Guy Records]
dBridge – dB vs 45 King [Astrophonica]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – Baby Steps [BUNIT]
Cirrus – Punishment [Onset Audio]
Corrupted – Kolka [Ronin Ordinance]
Black Science Labs – Hypnotic [Certificate 18]
Internal – Switch [Onset Audio]
Phil Tangent – Procrastinateur [Horizons Music]
??? – ???
Dissident – Visible Spot [Nord Label]
Yushan & Beatnok – ???

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