Get To Know: Lossless Music

The brainchild of Soul Intent, Lossless Music began life as many such artist-run labels do – as an outlet for Alex’s own productions. That changed in a big way from 2016 onwards, as Lossless began to welcome other artists to the roster both on the main imprint and two other sub-labels – Exkursions, for more leftfield D&B, and Dope Plates for old-school jungle and rave-tinged outings.

Whether it’s his own work or that of other producers, the label trifecta has gone from strength to strength and shows no sign of stopping. Read on for five of our favourites from the Lossless vaults…

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Q&A: Mark Kloud

We’re big fans of Mark Kloud’s output here at Dojo HQ, and likewise big fans of the three-headed hydra that is Lossless Music / Exkursions / Dope Plates, so news that Mark would be dropping his debut album for Soul Intent’s esteemed outfit got us pretty excited. Read on for the lowdown on all things Moonquake, and check out our premiere of Sea Crest below!

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Premiere: Hex – Weightless (Mark Kloud Remix)

Mark Kloud steps up with a killer remix for today’s premiere! Presenting a unique take on Dojo boss Hex’s 2015 track Weightless, Mark flips the liquid original into an experimental epic, building slowly with incredible sound design before dropping into a frenzy of glitchy percussion and groaning bass. Look out for this coming Friday on Beat Spectrum alongside remixes from K2T and D Flect, plus a VIP from Hex!

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Premiere: Mark Kloud – Coplanar

Long running US underground imprint Translation return with the third volume of their Bassment Beats EP series this month and we’ve got the first look at Mark Kloud’s contribution, Coplanar. As you’d expect from both the artist and the label, this one is a deep, experimental cut, building atmosphere on the intro with soft percussion and expansive synths before dropping into razor edged halftime drums that progress into a plethora of intricate percussion fills with a dubby edge. Look for this alongside new tracks from Fuj, Akinsa, Rogue State and Broken Promise; Bassment Beats Vol. 3 drops April 14th.

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Premiere: Yushan – Turn The Cycle

We’ve got another wicked exclusive from the Ronin Ordinance camp today and this time they’ve teamed up with another Dojo favourite as US producer Mark Kloud turns in a cracking three track EP for the Leeds-based imprint. Turn The Cycle comes from Mark’s ‘Yushan’ alias and sees him blending the atmospherics of dark halftime with a driving, techno-infused beat which propels the tune along at a surprising energy given the relatively sparse composition. Experimental riddims; yes yes. Look for this dropping April 6th.

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Premiere: Mark Kloud – Angel’s Arc

We’re back with another exclusive from one of our favourite stateside producers as we drop a premiere of Mark Kloud’s newest work for Sublimate Records! Angel’s Arc goes deep, carving out the atmosphere on the intro before dropping into a weighty halftime groove; heavy kicks, sharp snares and gully bass a plenty on this head-nodding riddim. Look for this one dropping July 29th at all good digital stores.

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DNB Dojo Mix Series 47: Mark Kloud

Respected US producer and Ground Mass label boss Mark Kloud brings us the latest exclusive DNB Dojo guest mix! Mark has dug deep for this one, delivering a 90 minute mix packed full of dubs including unreleased material from dBridge, Om Unit & Sam Binga. There are even some top secret tracks alongside plenty of the man’s own material, all of which makes for an enthralling journey through the deep end of the 170 sound. Get to know…

You can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Premiere: Mark Kloud – Get War

Experimental jungle-tinged riddims a-plenty on today’s exclusive as we premiere Mark Kloud’s Get War. Taken from his new EP forthcoming on Vermont label Party Guy Records, Mark’s flair for experimental drum patterns is on full show here with a satisfyingly chaotic assortment of kicks, claps and breaks flying around the mix atop a layer of meaty bass vibration. Sick one!

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Premiere: Johnathan Thomas – Rupture (Mark Kloud Remix)

Our latest premiere comes courtesy of Ground Mass boss Mark Kloud, who turns in a sick 160 refix of Johnathan Thomas’ new track Rupture. Out soon on Good Street Records, Mark flips around the dark halftime of the original into something with a little extra swagger on the bass and a little extra roll in the percussion. Yes yes! Best of all it’s available for free from Friday – watch the Good Street Bandcamp for the full EP dropping Dec 5th including remixes from Breaka and Walters.

Free Download →

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