DJ Vapour – Obnoxious EP [36 Hertz]

If you’re looking for some dark, nasty tearout jungle then the latest release from DJ Vapour for 36 Hertz hits the spot nicely. Old school break chopping, grimey bass hits and all the trappings of the 90s sound are present in abundance; cutting edge this is not, but highly satisfying it certainly is! Check out the clips below and hit up the 36 Hertz store to grab a copy now.

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SR & Digbee – Level Up EP [36 Hertz]

SR & Digbee return to 36 Hertz with an EP plying their old-skool tinged D&B flavours. If you’re looking for deep and meaningful then you’ve come to the wrong place…if however you’re looking for dancefloor weapons, you’re in for a treat!

Nightmare gets things off to a slamming start with choice horror movie samples, heavy amens and massive distorted bass hits the order of the day. All the energy of jump-up but without resorting to ear grating duck-quack wobble bass. Nostromo follows things up with a rolling break and some serious sub action; you’ll need good speakers to get the most out of this one.

Harmony dials back the aggression a bit and brings in big floaty pad work in it’s place, keeping the energetic drum edits going to keep the vibe rolling. Finally Badbwoy Style rounds off the EP with another hefty amen workout and some great break pitching and glitching. Boom! Check out the clips below and grab this from your favourite digital retailer now.

DNB Dojo Mix Series 05: DJ Vapour


For the latest in the Dojo Mix Series we’re proud to present an exclusive mix from DJ Vapour! A veteran of the scene and head honcho at 36 Hertz, Vapour knows his way around the 1s and 2s to say the least. His mix for the Dojo keeps things rolling and full of dancefloor flavour – packed with Dubs and a few cheeky classics to boot. You can stream via Mixcloud below or grab yourself a download from MediaFire.

Hazard – 0121 [Playaz]
SR & Digbee – Nightmare [36 Hertz Dub]
NC-17 & Nusense – Inferno [36 Hertz Dub]
Jonny L – The Bells [Pirahna]
DJ Vapour – Anti Gravity [Dub]
Delphi Productions – Proteus [36 Hertz Dub]
Optiv & CZA – Ziplock [C4C Dub]
Jaybee – Dirt Magirt [Mac II Dub]
Scott & Keith – Get Busy Crew (Madcap remix) [Stepback Sessions Dub]
Seba & Krazy – Imperial Movement [Metalheadz]
Takiego Chlopaka – Mikromusic (Social Security Remix) [Dub]
Total Science – Shelter [Dub]
Marcus Intalex – Temperance [Soul:R]
SR & Digbee – Nostromo [36 Hertz Dub]
Rewind – I Got A Feeling [Frequency]
NC-17 – The War Master [Dub]
Roni Size & Die – The Calling (Goldie Remix) [V Records]

Back To 92 EP [36 Hertz]


36 Hertz take us back to the old school once again with the appropriately titled Back To 92 EP. Featuring four top notch 90s style breakbeat hardcore cuts from DJ Vapour, SR & Digbee, ESP and Indigo Virus, this one does exactly what it says on the tin; amen cutups, hefty sub bass and rave stabs abound.

Grab your hat and whistle and check out the mini mix below! This one drops on Juno and the 36 Hertz website from Feb 3rd.


Jem One – The Bleep / Drop This [36 Hertz]

36HTZ034 ART Final

Jem One drops another pair of scorching old-skool belters for 36 Hertz, bringing the vibes of breakbeat jungle and rave at 140BPM.  Both tracks harness simple but powerful sub bass and chunky breaks, with The Bleep letting a hypnotic melody take centre stage while Drop This takes most of it’s character from a huge distorted amen. Both tracks mean business and retain that infectiousness that so characterised early rave music. Check em out below and watch out for the release on August 19th.



Jaybee – Watch Dis / Halleluja [36 Hertz]

Those of you who like their D&B with a bit of jungle flava would do well to check out the latest release on 36 Hertz from Jaybee. Taking a leaf out of Bladerunner’s book and bringing old school vibes at new school tempo, Watch Dis is a straight up amen-driven dancefloor belter.


Over on the flip Halleluja slows the roll a little and heads for deeper territory. Jaybee keeps things atmospheric with big, spacey pads and echoing vocal snippets laid over a warm blanket of sub-bass frequencies.


Grab this one at your favourite digital outlet from July 29th.

The Not So Future Jungle EP [36 Hertz]

36HTZ030 ART

36 Hertz take us back to the old skool on their latest release, bringing together four tracks with a distinctly jungle flavour. SR & Digbee kick things off nicely with the appropriately named Back To Basics; classic chords, simple pads, chopped up amens and some timeless samples. “Stop the beat, drop the beat” – yeaaaah boi!


Elsewhere on the EP Jem One delivers some classic rave euphoria with the oddly titled Bullet To The Head and DJ Vapour brings us some classic amen darkness complete with authentic stretched ragga vocal on Never Feel. Finally Skink goes in deep with the tribal, atmospheric sounds of Trapped Inside the Dream.


Look out for the EP dropping on June 24th.