Suboreal – Isis EP [Chaos Audio]

Chaos Audio return with a dark, minimal EP from German producer Suboreal. Featuring super crisp production and plenty of bass heft, the tracks take in a wide range of tones. Isis features driving, kick heavy rhythms while Abide provides plodding, onimous soundscapes; out into the back half of the EP Resilience explores chunky half time beats while Torrent closes things out with skittering percussion set over more gritty, detailed atmospherics. Check out the clips below and watch out for this one dropping from Feb 23rd.

Lobe – Asylum / Viral [Chaos Audio]

Bath-based producer Lobe touches down on Chaos Audio with a pair of rough and tough neurofunk belters! Asylum punches straight for the gut with hard sub hits, a grimey reese line and a relentless drum beat, with some nice edits giving the tune variation and character.

Over on the flip Viral pulls the classic bate and switch with soft, shimmering melodies on the intro giving way to a hefty drumstep beat and growling modulated bass. The bridge sees the atmosphere being pushed even further with an epic build up before a full tempo drop. Check out the clips below and watch out for this one dropping from April 17th.

Sensus – Primal EP [Chaos Audio]

The next release from Lancaster-based Chaos Audio comes from Canadian producer Sensus who drops an EP of dark, brooding techstep. All three tracks head for grimey territory with punchy synthetic drums and crunchy bass, the highlight for me being Pulse. Check out the tracks below and watch out for the release dropping from March 28th.

Frustrate – Chaos Elevator EP [Chaos Audio]

Up and coming producer Frustrate unleashes his debut EP for Chaos Audio, showcasing range and versatility for someone comparitively new to the game. Alongside D&B rollers like the titular Chaos Elevator and the deep and dubby Digital, we’re also treated to Breakbeat and Dubstep beats before Endloop brings things to a close with some nice techy business.

Check out the EP below and grab yourself a copy now from your favourite digital store, out now.