Classic Track: Phrenetic – Candy Man

In honor of the modern sequel to the classic slasher Candy Man, I thought it fitting to highlight my favourite Darkcore tune bearing both the same name and a selection of samples from the original ’92 film. Candy Man (released on White House Records in 1994) was produced by the musical duo Phrenetic, comprised of C0ntax and Offkey. I recall finding this tune about 5 years ago and being completely blown away. I’m in awe at how timeless it still sounds.

This track is magnificently minimalistic and eerily dark, with tense breathing and rough whooshes behind an amen break at a blistering—especially for its time—180 BPM. Epic chords ring out from an uncanny choir, evoking one of the more unique atmospheres to be found in the Drum & Bass universe. Candy Man is a killer classic that’s dangerously fun.

Written by Luke Kessler

Fortitude – Purifying Me [Tech Cycle]


Drum & bass can take myriad varied forms. Sometimes you want a deep, soulful roller. Sometimes it’s all about the gully halfstep minimalism. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a straight up crossbreed smasher, and that’s where Fortitude steps in.

Purifing Me is just straight up menace; midrange bass distortion and a big bag of kick drums. So many kick drums! Absolutely deadly rhythms on this one. Stand Your Ground opts for a slightly spacier but no less aggressive rhythm constructed from angry metallic snares and savage bass before dropping into a rolling D&B pattern that should get the floor moving nicely.

No release date on this yet but it should be available soon. Savour the clips below and keep an eye on the relevant social media for release details.