Get to Know…Lifted Music

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere since 2006 it seems unlikely that you won’t have heard of Lifted Music. Starting early with a succession of classic releases from the likes of Spor, Evol Intent Ewun and Apex, the label had a quiet patch for a bit but has recently had all guns blazing once again with a slew of great releases over the last few months and plenty more to come.

Late last year the label came out with a seriously tidy EP in the form of From Roots To Wings. Featuring massive, futuristic tech-funk from Aeph, Memtrix, Neonlight, Receptor & Infuze, the release was all about dancefloor stompage and it delivered that by the spades.

Not content with that, Lifted squeezed out a 4 track EP from Neonlight just before Christmas with more heavy yet melodic tunes. Computer Music in particular has barely left my sets recently.

Not content with dominating the drum & bass scene, Lifted have just dropped a high quality Dubstep release from Meta with his second EP for their Lifted Dub arm. Delivering far more melody and production value than much of the over-saturated 140 BPM market but still retaining that futuristic Lifted sound, this is definitely worth a look.

Just in case you needed any further encouragement, here’s a classic from the back catalogue, Spor’s Knock You Down from LFTD001. Check it out, and grab the releases from the Lifted Store!

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