Subtension – Binary Vol. 6 [Critical Music]

Critical’s digital only Binary imprint returns for their 6th instalment and this time it’s Solvakian techstep producer Subtension on the buttons. The EP follows on from Subtension’s last release for Renegade Hardware, further exploring his innovative trap-tech fusion. While the influence of trap and footwork on D&B is already becoming well trodden ground fewer producers are blending it with the harder edged techstep and neurofunk stylings and the result is pretty damn ravey.

There’s still space for a more traditional rollout on chunky low end damager No Worries and closing track What Do You Want provides a pleasant surprise with a hefty dose of disco’n’bass! Vibes all round. Check out the clips below and grab this one from the Critical Store right now.

Posij – Binary Vol. 5 [Critical Music]

Dutch artist Posij supplies the fifth instalment of Critical’s new digital only Binary imprint, serving up four crisp, futuristic tracks for Kasra’s ever-impressive stable.

The EP strikes a nice balance between atmosphere and dancefloor heft, with lead track Techplant keeping things punchy but restrained and closing track Rover exploring some cracking drum edits against a backdrop of creepy atmospheres.

Spin and Change meanwhile provide worthy peaktime dancefloor fodder to give the EP something for everyone. Noisia’s influence can be heard filtering through these tracks, though thankfully they aren’t similar enough to feel derivative, and the level of stomp is difficult to argue with!

As usual you can grab this one from the Critical Store; check out the clips and get to getting!

Binary – Etched / Polaris [E-Motion]

Binary returns to E-Motion with a pair of dark, minimal steppers in the vein of Icicle et al. Both tracks emphasise deep sub and crisp drums over in your face lead segments and aim for groove rather than heft, and the overall effect is very satisfying.

Etched heads for dark, angular territory while Polaris softens the mood slightly with lush pads on the intro and bridge segments and a more rolling break compared to the hard drums of the A side. Check out both tracks below and watch out for the release dropping from March 24th at all good digital stores.