Subcriminal – Dragon EP [X-AMNT]

Regular readers will probably already have noticed that while we cover a bit of everything here at DNB Dojo, we’re generally not a fan of the more jump-up/up-front end of the sound. Every now and then though we hear something drawing on that energy which is too good not to shout about…and that’s exactly what we found on the new Subcriminal EP!

Released a few days ago via Bristol imprint X-AMNT, the exuberant style on show here is both refreshing and fairly unique, ignoring the often po-faced aesthetic of dark and moody D&B in favour of an uplifting and effervescent focus on melody. Make no mistake though, these aren’t cookie-cutter liquid rollers either, and therein lies their unique appeal.

Clearly drawing on influences from outside of D&B (if we had to guess we’d say future garage and videogame soundtracks), Subcriminal is carving his own niche with this one. The EP delivers dancefloor focused stompage on Dragon Egg and Incubator, and melodic joy via Flying Dragon and Movie. We’ve had this on heavy rotation here at Dojo HQ and we suggest you do too – check it out below and hit up the usual digital outlets to buy or stream right now.

Classic Track: DaVIP & Encode – Vamonos

Lifted sublabel Breed 12 Inches has been responsible for some absolute stompers since it’s inception in 2008, the biggest and badest of which is undoubtedly DaVIP & Encode’s appropriately named Vamonos.

If you’re looking for subtlety or soul then this one probably isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a track that will slay floors every time however, this is the one. The first time I heard this track the response was pretty much “fuck off!”, and it still hits just as hard now…absolutely slamming!

Hamilton – Feel The Fury / Track 8 [RAM Records]

It’s not often we find ourselves tempted to blog Hamilton releases here at the Dojo; generally the RAM singing’s overly radio-friendly productions feel pretty formulaic, but his latest single breaks that pattern at least in terms of enjoyability.

Feel The Fury is an absolute stomper; a huge build up followed by a gigantic scuzzed-up bass riff and some classic jungle style snare action. Make no mistake, this is jump-up, but jump up done so well as to be unarguable, and proof that you can make an unashamedly dancefloor focused track without resorting to tedious wobble bass.

Track 8 hits up slightly less aggressive territory with a playful, catchy hook leading the charge over bouncing breaks and some really weird bleepy backing lines. Once again it’s difficult to argue with the energy here, and it’s great to hear something of the old school sound seeping into the compositions. Check out the clips below and grab this from the RAM store right now.

Mampi Swift Album Launch

Those in the Kent area who like their D&B rowdy and dancefloor-oriented would do well to check out the Mampi Swift album launch on Feburary 2nd! With an all star lineup featuring Friction, Bailey, Hazard , Brockie and Randall alongside the man himself, this one should be messy! Check out all the details on the Facebook event.