All Hell Is Breaking Loose (Gentleman’s Dub Club Remix) [Hospital Records]

The latest release from Hospital definitely breaks the mould, featuring remixes and cover versions of London Elektricity in some unusual styles. All Hell Is Breaking Loose gets a fantastic dub reggae remix from Gentleman’s Dub Club, KYX Orchestra provide a swing & bass cover of Out Of This World and the Riot Jazz Brass Band provide an appropriately brassy cover of Just One Second. 

Hearing these songs lovingly retooled with such different instrumentation is absolutely fantastic, and it’s great to see Hospital putting out a release for the love of the music with no eyes on the club/DJ market. Check out the clips below and hit up the Hospital Store to grab the tracks on 10″ vinyl or digital.


Benny Page – Hot Body Gal (J Bostron Remix) [Rise Artists]

With the sun just beginning to show it’s face (at least here in Glasgow) it seems only right to look to the summery tunes, and there’s no better way to start than with some cheery reggae D&B vibes! Junglist badman J Bostron is on the case once again with a big, rolling remix of Benny Page’s new single Hot Body Gal.

While it’s unlikely to be the cleverest tune you’ve heard this year it proves an irresistible combination of fat snares, dub delays and ragga vocals; summer business to be sure. Check it out below and watch out for the remix dropping from April 20th alongside the original and other reworks from Moony and Famous Eno.

Chopstick Dubplate – Wanted – Murda We Charge For [Chopstick Dubplate]

Chopstick Dubplate (aka Jacky Murda and Aries) return with a full length selection of Jungle & Dubwize cuts in the form of Wanted – Murda We Charge For. Featuring the vocal talents of Top Cat, D Brown and Mr. Williamz, the tunes blend Jungle, Dancehall, Dub and Reggae to produce an infectious, high tempo and intrinsically Jamaican sound.

While the lyrics are sometimes a bit bizarre (Worldwide Traveller seems to be a rasta ode to Ryan Air…) and sometimes just formulaic, it’s difficult to argue with the uplifting vibe of the tunes and Jungle is always sure to get a room skanking. Feelgood beats, ya man! Checkout a mini mix of the album below and watch out for the release dropping September 30th.