Premiere: Stabfinger – Tangerine Funk

Slinky business on today’s premiere as we present the premiere of Stabfinger’s appropriately named Tangerine Funk! Taken from the forthcoming Jazzual Experiment LP on Boomerang Records, this is an exuberant blend of acid, jazz, funk, swing and hip-hop, all set to a drum & bass backbeat for maximum energy. Party vibes! Look out for the LP dropping July 5th.

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Dave Catalyst – Play Your Hand EP [Deconstructed]

In a little under two years, US imprint Deconstructed have already carved a solid niche for themselves as purveyors of high quality deep liquid rollers, and their latest EP from Dave Catalyst is possibly their best release yet. From the ethereal and faintly melancholy opener Strong Suit, through the noodling jazz piano and swing vocals of Slim City over to the darker bass-led vibe of Distant Notion and out via the playful, uplifting tones of Room for Manoeuvre, this is a joy to listen to from start to finish. If you like you D&B detailed, melodic and full of soul then this EP is for you! Check out the clips below and hit up the label’s Bandcamp Store to grab it right now.

All Hell Is Breaking Loose (Gentleman’s Dub Club Remix) [Hospital Records]

The latest release from Hospital definitely breaks the mould, featuring remixes and cover versions of London Elektricity in some unusual styles. All Hell Is Breaking Loose gets a fantastic dub reggae remix from Gentleman’s Dub Club, KYX Orchestra provide a swing & bass cover of Out Of This World and the Riot Jazz Brass Band provide an appropriately brassy cover of Just One Second. 

Hearing these songs lovingly retooled with such different instrumentation is absolutely fantastic, and it’s great to see Hospital putting out a release for the love of the music with no eyes on the club/DJ market. Check out the clips below and hit up the Hospital Store to grab the tracks on 10″ vinyl or digital.