Classic Track: Treo – Machinist

When I found this tune some years ago, one could say I was under hypnosis of groove; Machinist, by the short-lived Treo, carries one of the most vibrant and dynamic basslines I’ve heard in Neurofunk. Despite its 2012 release, which I’m a little loathe to identify as a classic predicated simply upon its recency, it will always remain a classic in my mind. 

This Syndrome Audio slapper carries a groove so infectious that one is easily compelled to bop along with it. The dirty bassline and hefty drums are so fluidly intermeshed in a way that feels natural, belying a style that screams “tech”. The arrangement is refined, with quick synth stabs providing further rhythmic appeal, against backdrops of harmonic tones that gracefully fade in and out of the mix.

Amid a sea of amazing Neurofunk tunes past and present, Machinist is a stand-out classic.

Written by Luke Kessler

Predatory World EP [Syndrome Audio]

Altered Perception continues his rise through the ranks of D&B with a crisp new tech-funk stepper dropping on the prestigious Syndrome Audio imprint. Blowhole opts for no-nonsense minimalism and delivers a solid slice of dancefloor worthy business, while on the flip Denis Underground serves up a chunky stepper with massive booming sub. Check out the clips below and head to Digital Tunes to pre-order now.