Premiere: Kublai – Emerald Funk

Manchester-based rising star Kublai joins the CIA roster this week with a tidy new EP and we’re hyped to have the premiere of Emerald Funk. Laden with bassline groove and set to a classic rolling beat, this one is weaponised tech-boogie at it’s finest. Look out for the EP coming Jun 11th at digital stores!

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Premiere: Nomad – Bad Habits (feat. MC Catfish Bobby)

Fuck About co-founder Nomad lands on Parallel Depth with a new EP and we’re hyped to bring you the premiere of the title track! MC Catfish Bobby brings his vocal stylings to build tension on the breakdowns while Nomad provides a throbbing tech groove…wicked stuff. Look out for this at digital stores from Apr 6th!

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Premiere: Andrew Bobson – Disappear

Rolling tech grooves on today’s exclusive as we present a new cut from Andrew Bobson! Taken from the very first release on Polish label Breaky Vibes, this one is all about deep sub, crisp drums and infectious hooks…watch out for the release dropping April 2nd at digital stores.

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Classic Track: Treo – Machinist

When I found this tune some years ago, one could say I was under hypnosis of groove; Machinist, by the short-lived Treo, carries one of the most vibrant and dynamic basslines I’ve heard in Neurofunk. Despite its 2012 release, which I’m a little loathe to identify as a classic predicated simply upon its recency, it will always remain a classic in my mind. 

This Syndrome Audio slapper carries a groove so infectious that one is easily compelled to bop along with it. The dirty bassline and hefty drums are so fluidly intermeshed in a way that feels natural, belying a style that screams “tech”. The arrangement is refined, with quick synth stabs providing further rhythmic appeal, against backdrops of harmonic tones that gracefully fade in and out of the mix.

Amid a sea of amazing Neurofunk tunes past and present, Machinist is a stand-out classic.

Written by Luke Kessler

Premiere: Xenon – Suppressed Feelings

Xenon returns to DSCI4 with his first solo EP following on from a collaboration on PRTCL’s last EP for the label last year. Suppressed Feelings represents the fusion of Berlin techno and classic techstep that defines Xenon’s sound; hypnotic, dark and groove-focused, this is the sound of dark rooms at 5am. Hit up Beatport to grab the EP now, with full release following from May 11th.

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Premiere: Mohan – Vortex

Peer Pressure continue their trademark style of releases blending tech heft with soul and groove with the 6th volume of their Breaking Ground EP series. Today’s premiere comes from that release, with Mohan delivering a chunky roller; emotion on the intro, murk on the drop. Hit up the Peer Pressure bandcamp to grab this one right now.

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Premiere: Smuskind & Seibel – Orbit

Drum Army are back with another top release featuring a host of up and coming producers on the techy side of the D&B game, and we’re hyped to present the premiere of Smuskind & Seibel’s Orbit. Powered along by a wickedly funky yet dark-edged synth bassline, this one has a top quality groove but still enough heft for the dancefloor. Moody vibes! The EP is out today at Beatport with other stores following in two weeks.

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Premiere: War – Acumen

War steps up to deliver the next single on Methlab Recordings and we’ve got the exclusive on Acumen. Channelling percussive progressions and fuzzy bass distortion, this one is 100% tech funk groove. Sick! Look out for this coming alongside two other new tracks from April 3rd on the Methlab Bandcamp.

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Premiere: Logics – Shield

Our latest premiere comes from the well established Delta9 Recordings camp as we present the exclusive on sick new halftime groove Shield! Croatian producer Logics has gone in deep on this one, bringing the sounds of techstep to a high energy half-tempo back beat with a hint of hip-hop flavour and tons of bassline funk. Wicked track! Look for this dropping on the Knock Knock EP from July 14th.

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