Task Horizon – Ocean Of Sound / Dharmakaya Light [Evolution Chamber]

Task Horizon drop not one but two releases this week on their Evolution Chamber label. By far the most interesting is the Ocean of Sound single. The titular A side features the soft ethereal vocals of Ingrid Lukas, and channels influences from melodic drum & bass together with IDM style drum glitches that could be straight from Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James Album. The effect is mesmerizing, and makes me wish they’d apply themselves to this more melodic style more often.

Dharmakaya Light on the flip doesn’t disappoint either, bringing the same soft synths and warm musicality to the table with an infectious set of melodic chords and twinkling arpeggios. The drum pattern is a bit more club friendly on this one, with a rolling break characterised by reverb-drenched clap samples and rapid hi-hats.  Watch out for these dropping at all good digital outlets from August 11th.

Task Horizon – Evolved EP [Cause4Concern]

Cause4Concern’s releases through their own label have been packing a serious punch of late, and their latest from Task Horizon is no exception. The EP sees Task Horizon giving the remix treatment to two Cause4Concern tunes and two of their own tunes.

Control Freak and Kill The Pain see Task Horizon going in *hard* with bone shaking snares and tearing reese action a plenty. Things are dialed back slightly for Droidz which has a tasty off kilter-ness to it, and the EP is rounded off nicely to the glitched up head banger that is Letting Go. Huge tunes

Look out for the release from your favourite digital outlet, out now!