Premiere: Invadhertz & LaMeduza – Bullet

Invadhertz return to the Dojo premiere spotlight today; hot on the heels of their recent release for Addictive Behaviour, they’ve also got an absolutely killer roller on the forthcoming Delta9 Recordings 50th LP. Featuring sorrowful strings and an absolutely sublime vocal from Geneva songstress LaMeduza, Bullet treads the line between deep liquid roller and techstep growler with elegance and finesse; dark and powerful vibes. Look for this along with tons of other great beats on the full album, dropping March 30th!

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Task Horizon – Ocean Of Sound / Dharmakaya Light [Evolution Chamber]

Task Horizon drop not one but two releases this week on their Evolution Chamber label. By far the most interesting is the Ocean of Sound single. The titular A side features the soft ethereal vocals of Ingrid Lukas, and channels influences from melodic drum & bass together with IDM style drum glitches that could be straight from Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James Album. The effect is mesmerizing, and makes me wish they’d apply themselves to this more melodic style more often.

Dharmakaya Light on the flip doesn’t disappoint either, bringing the same soft synths and warm musicality to the table with an infectious set of melodic chords and twinkling arpeggios. The drum pattern is a bit more club friendly on this one, with a rolling break characterised by reverb-drenched clap samples and rapid hi-hats.  Watch out for these dropping at all good digital outlets from August 11th.

Virtue – Moment / Finest Days (Livewire Remix) [E-Motion]

Virtue returns to E-Motion with an irresistible liquid funk groove in the form of Moment. Warm sub, crisp breaks, a catchy piano hook and the soft, soulful vocals of Bonnie Rabson combine to forge a tune that deep liquid heads will surely be reaching for time and again.

Over on the flip Livewire gives the remix touch to previous Virtue outing Finest Days, retaining the melody but amping up the beats ever so slightly to give the tune a little more edge on the dancefloor. Check out the beats below and watch out for the release from Monday 18th November.

Critical Impact & Jakes – The Illa [Clear Skyz]

Bristol producer Critical Impact teams up with the legendary MC Jakes to turn in one of the best MC led tunes the D&B scene has heard in some time. With an insistent steppers break, a grimey bassline and the smooth, laidback flows of Jakes laid over the top this is a sure fire winner; real hip-hop vibes. Watch out for this one coming out on Die’s Clear Skyz imprint from 28th October (4th Nov for the vinyl).