Actraiser – Lonely Traveller LP [Fokuz Recordings]

We’re big fans of Actraiser here at the Dojo so naturally we were pretty excited to hear of a full LP of his lush, melodic tracks coming to the revered Fokuz Recordings, and if you’re into the deeper end of liquid D&B the Lonely Traveller LP should be right up your alley.

There aren’t any particular surprises here in terms of style but the tracks have depth and feeling in abundance, whether focussing on floaty pads, soft piano or some combination of the two. Actraiser has definitely mastered the knack of all great liquid producers to create tracks which are at once insistent and relaxed, energetic yet reserved and beautifully hypnotic.

We could wax lyrical about the album’s sonic qualities all day long but you’d be far better off checking out the clips and losing yourself in the melodies, so have a listen below and hit up your favourite digital outlet to grab a copy now!

Actraiser – Inner Beauty EP [Celsius Recordings]

Actraiser continues his catalogue of beautiful liquid beats with a four track EP for Fokuz sister imprint Celsius. The titular Inner Beauty kicks things off with crisp, rolling breaks, lush atmospheres and piano trills echoing in and out of the mix. There’s even time for a hint of jazz with the odd burst of sax for flavour. Get It On drops the urgency a couple of notches and heads for the groove; the title says it all on this one I think!

The Road To Enlightenment ups the energy once more, with melodic elements floating over a hefty backbone of sub bass and breaks. Last but by no means least, Cosmic Shift blends epic trance-style synths with cheeky arpeggios for a euphoric yet meditative atmosphere. Watch out for the EP dropping on vinyl and digital from July 14th.

Actraiser – Long Way From Home EP [Fokuz Recordings]

Cambridge producer Actraiser returns to Dutch imprint Fokuz Recordings with four tracks of warm, melodic and bassy liquid D&B. All four tracks are excellent in their own way but the pick of the bunch for me is the rapid melodic chimes, infectious groove and huge sub bass of Without You. Check out the clips below and watch out for this dropping at all good digital stores from May 19th.