Premiere: K2T & Echo Motion – Arctotis (Hazqa Remix)

Paris-based liquid producer Hazqa joins the Detached Audio family for today’s premiere, turning in a beautiful remix of K2T & Echo Motion’s sublime 2019 jam Arctotis. One to lose yourself in – look out for this coming Aug 20th at digital stores!

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Premiere: K2T – Look Up From the Ground

K2T lands on Drum Army for a collaborative EP with Metcalf, and we’re pleased to have a premiere from the release for you today! The Detached audio co-boss goes in solo on Look Up From the Ground, hitting chill 160 territory with crispy breaks and subtle melodic touches. Beautiful work – look out for the EP at Spotify and Beatport from Jul 30th.

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Premiere: Mystic State – We Can Help Each Other

Delicate liquid vibrations from Mystic State on today’s exclusive, dropping as usual on their own imprint The Chikara Project. Soothing vibes for your Wednesday afternoon! Look out for this dropping 2nd July at Bandcamp and other stores.

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Premiere: Digital Native – Soon I Promise

Goldfat deliver the goods once again for today’s exclusive as the label celebrate their 25th release! Taken from Full Fat 01, a compilation album brimming with soulful cuts, Digital Native delivers a characteristically smooth roller full of crisp drums, subtle piano melodies and warm bass vibrations. Check it out and be sure to pre-order the album ahead of the March 19th release!

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Premiere: Maltin Worf – Thirsty

Serene atmospheres and tasty jungle-tinged beats on this one; Maltin Worf brings his unique style to Defrostatica. Absolutely lush track…one to lose yourself in. Look out for this as part of the 4AM EP, coming Feb 19th on vinyl and digital!

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Premiere: Mineral – Rain

Beautiful atmospheric jungle on today’s premiere as Mineral brings his serene style to Straight Up Breakbeat! So lush…watch out for this coming on the Zero One EP from Feb 5th!

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Capturelight – Circles [Soulvent]

Every now and then a piece of music lands in the inbox that is instantly captivating and effortlessly beautiful. The new release from Capturelight is one of those rare gems.

Circles kicks things off with intricate and characterful percussion, and a grasp of melody that instantly hooks you in. The track has an ethereal, almost dream-like quality, with whispered shards of vocal peaking through the mix.

B-side Bubblewrap takes things in a more jungle-inspired direction via crispy breakbeats while retaining an emotive use of melody; more insistent than Circles but equally enthralling, and filled with a sense of muted euphoria and yearning.

This single is the first time the Bay Area producer has landed in the Dojo inbox but based on this we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on him! Check out the tracks below alongside a guest mix to celebrate the release.

Premiere: Matt View – Midnight Heat

Lush liquid goodness for warm summer evenings; Matt View’s Midnight Heat lives up to it’s name in a big way! Delicious melodies and rolling breaks, what more could you ask for? Hit up Beatport to grab this one right now!

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Premiere: Nesium – Dimension Leap

Forest Biz are back this month with a new EP from US artist Nesium and we’ve got the exclusive on Dimension Leap! Definitely the mellowest cut from the release, this is chill liquid vibes with an edge of jungle in the breaks and just a touch of growl in the bassline. Beautiful work! Look for this dropping Oct 29th at all the usual digital outlets…

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