Remixes Vol. 1 [Sub:mission Audio]

Sub:mission plunder their extremely healthy back catalogue to bring us four fresh remixes for the label’s ninth release. Bossman Altered Perception turns in an upbeat, rolling remix of Quatermass’s Skycity, Rush Records chieftain Colossus turns his hand to Quatermass’s Entanglement and Dead Electrics’ Connected, and Quatermass gets in on the act to close things off a crisp new flex of Dead Electrics’ Girl. Check out the clips below and grab this from Digital Tunes now!

Dead Electrics – Connected EP [Sub:mission Audio]

Transmission launch their new Sub:mission sister imprint with an EP of deeper beats from Dead Electrics. While the mixdowns are a little rough, the EP showcases a compositional talent across four tracks of “liquid with teeth”. Tough beats and basslines give the tunes energy and power, with melodic elements washing in and out of the mix to give the beats depth and soul.

Check out the tunes below and grab yourself a copy from your favourite digital outlet now.