Premiere: K2T – The Tranquillity of Being With The Self (Colossus VIP Remix)

Colossus lands in our premiere spotlight today with a slick VIP remix of K2T’s The Tranquillity of Being With The Self. Retaining the heroic melodies of the original but playing with the rhythm via halftime segments and amen workouts, this is a wicked spin that retains the vibe but adds a little extra spice. Watch out for the release coming March 12th at digital stores!

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Premiere: Colossus – Hit Parade

Beats In Mind round out an excellent year of releases with the fifth volume of their Headsbass series, and we’re pleased to present the premiere of Colossus’ track for the compilation – Hit Parade. Combining Toby’s knack for melodic hooks with hefty low end and rolling breaks, this is classic D&B vibes through and through. Look out for the full LP coming on Christmas Day, and once again all proceeds will go towards mental health charities…great beats for a great cause.

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Q&A: Colossus

After a break from the scene, Manchester-based producer Colossus is back and firing on all cylinders! He just dropped his debut LP Third Face, and a brand new EP for Bay 6 Recordings, so we thought it was time for a knees-up. Read on for the lowdown on his break and return, track names and upcoming projects…

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Rush Records Premieres

Today we’ve got a double-dose of exclusive business as we present two tracks from the brand new Rush Records Remix LP!

First up is Solo’s epic Sun VIP! Serious break chopping business with a side of liquid pad action on this one; fans of Breakage, Paradox et al will be all over it.

The second of our two exclusives comes from Structure, on the remix for label boss Colossus. His take on What I Want serves up lush, rolling D&B with a hint of jazz and a touch of snarl in the bassline; proper liquid business! Hit up Beatport to grab yourself a copy of the album right now.

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Get To Know…Bay 6 Recordings

Regular readers may well have picked up on the fact that we quite like Bay 6 Recordings. In fact we’d go so far as to say it’s one of our favourite small liquid imprints around right now, and that’s in the face of some fairly stiff competition to boot. 2016 felt like the perfect time to resurrect our ‘Get To Know’ label showcase feature, so for the first of many we present the finer points of the Bay 6 discography. Continue reading

Q&A – Colossus & Transcript [Rush Records]

Leeds liquid imprint Rush Records is now enjoying it’s third year in the game, with a healthy catalogue of releases and plenty more on the horizon. We figured it was high time we caught the guys for a quick chinwag, so we tapped label bosses Colossus and Transcript for the lowdown on all things Rush.

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Colossus & Imprint – Broken Chains EP [Rogue Beatz]

Rogue Beatz are back and this time they’re bringing the liquid rollers, with Rush Records alumni Colossus & Imprint on the buttons for some smooth, rolling styles. Both tracks on offer here are worthy of your attention but for us it’s all about Broken Chains, a tough edged slice of deep liquid with a top notch bit of amen chopping in the bridge. Definitely check this one out – it’s due at all good digital stores from April 30th.

Clairvoyance Vol. 1 [Rush Records]

Leeds based liquid imprint Rush Records celebrate their 20th release with a 12-track compilation featuring a host of new tracks from the extended label family. There’s plenty to enjoy here, with highlights coming on the deep, understated melodies of Monrroe’s Elation, Altered Perception & Imprint’s melancholy Heartbeats and the unusual, autonomic-esque riddims of Solo’s Sun. Check out the clips below and head to your favourite digital store to grab this one now!

Remixes Vol. 1 [Sub:mission Audio]

Sub:mission plunder their extremely healthy back catalogue to bring us four fresh remixes for the label’s ninth release. Bossman Altered Perception turns in an upbeat, rolling remix of Quatermass’s Skycity, Rush Records chieftain Colossus turns his hand to Quatermass’s Entanglement and Dead Electrics’ Connected, and Quatermass gets in on the act to close things off a crisp new flex of Dead Electrics’ Girl. Check out the clips below and grab this from Digital Tunes now!

Colossus – Apollo / Riptide [Rush Records]

The latest release on Rush Records sees label boss Colossus providing two beautiful liquid rollers; rich melodies, crisp breaks and happy vibes all the way on these two. Apollo leads the single with a soft, inviting combo of guitar and piano while Riptide goes deeper, with warm sub and more understated piano licks. Check out the clips below and grab this one from your favourite digital store now.