Dedman – Blue Note EP [Four Corners Music]

Dedman’s latest EP sees him follow a string of releases for Lost, Parallel Depth and his own imprint Subconscious Audio with perhaps his strongest work to date via Melinki’s label Four Corners Music.

Inspired by the legendary Blue Note sessions run by Metalheadz (though somewhat indirectly – Dedman was only born two years after the events began), the tracks showcase a confidence unusual for a producer as young as 24. From the up-front floor-filling sounds of Ash & Pallor and Lead, via the dark depths of Dreidle and the drumfunk atmospheres of Sail Away, finishing up with the halftime dread of the title track, there’s certainly variety to be found here.

There’s also a refreshingly old-school style to the production, with crunchy breakbeats and grimy distortion rather than laser snares and harsh digital harmonics. Nice to see that sound still has traction with the younger artists as well as the pipe & slippers crew!  Check out the clips below and hit up Beatport or Bandcamp to grab a copy now.

Premiere: SR & Vinyl Junkie – Clockwise

Breakbeat technician SR teams up with Vinyl Junkie on today’s exclusive, rocking some seriously funky drum programming on a cut from his new Squat Rave LP for Locked Up Music. Hypnotic lead melodies, booming sub, crispy breaks and a cheeky Wu-Tang sample; what’s not to love? Hit up the Locked Up bandcamp to grab this one right now on vinyl or digital!

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Premiere: J Plates – Witness

J Plates lands on In Reach Records with an old-school banger in the form of Witness! Chunky breaks and an infectious hook paired with rapid sub punches makes for a tasty combination; check it out below and watch out for the EP coming May 15th!

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Premiere: GY96 – 2 Chevrons

That vintage jungle sound on today’s premiere as GY96 drops a brand new release. Vintage synths and outboard gear power a tune which sounds exactly that – vintage. Check it out and hit up Bandcamp to grab a copy right now.

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Premiere: Sicknote – Close Encounters

Heavy hitting break-smashing business from Sicknote on today’s premiere for Locked Up Music! Close Encounters takes no prisoners…hard amens and detuned bass bring to mind vintage Barcode Recordings cuts. Danger danger! Look out for this dropping Jan 27th at Bandcamp with other digital stores following Feb 3rd…

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Premiere: John Rolodex – Get Off My Lawn

John Rolodex returns to Machinist Music with a wicked new EP and we’ve got the exclusive on old school belter Get Off My Lawn! Warped bass snarls, heavy distorted 808 hits and punchy kick/slap drums make for a modern take on a classic sound. Grab this as part of the Fingerprints EP which is out right now at Beatport and Bandcamp…

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Premiere: Dead Zodiac & Jaise – Breathless

Perth producers Dead Zodiac and Jaise join forces for homegrown Aussie neurofunk imprint Protocode on today’s exclusive. Breathless evokes classic early 2000s neurofunk, which will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Jaise’s previous releases; driving sub groove, sci-fi inflections and warping basslines a-plenty on this one. The release drops Dec 6th at all the usual digital stores…

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Premiere: Junglist 1996 – Dungeon

Roominsky’s new Junglist 1996 side-project lands on Beat Spectrum this month, delivering a razor-sharp update on the classic 90s jungle sound. Dungeon takes no prisoners, blending growling reese bass with crusty breakbeats and sci-fi sampling for an eerie assault of distortion and punch. Watch out for the release landing Nov 15th…

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Premiere: Soul Defiance – Love Story

Soul Defiance is in the Dojo hotseat for today’s premiere with a wicked new cut taken from Locked Up Music’s Inmates Vol. 2 compilation. Blending light and dark to great effect, there are notes of old school in the vocals and the hypnotic bleep melody set against heavy hitting drums and growling bass. Big one for the dancefloor! Look out for the release dropping Nov 18th at all the usual outlets…

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