Premiere: Black Yukon Sucker Punch – Dead Man’s Hand (Kemal Remix)

Today’s premiere is a little bit special – neurofunk pioneer and Glasgow-based scene legend Kemal is in our premiere spotlight with a new remix for Black Yukon Sucker Punch! Intricate drum programming and acidic funk undertones on this one…old school hypnosis of the very best kind. Watch out for this coming on BYSP’s Yukon Punch label from Nov 5th, on vinyl and digital.

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Classic Track: Kemalogy

Ever wanted a mix of pretty much every single Kemal / Rob Data / Konflict track ever? Well German super-fan DJ Mix (5000) has you covered! Mixed live across various club sessions in Mannheim from 2012-14, this 6 hour compilation is the deepest of dives through an impressively consistent discography and features many lesser-known gems from the legendary duo. Sick selections!

Trilo & Vegas – Rush (Kemal Remix) [Bad Taste]

Kemal’s return to the scene continues! Following the release of a slew of remasters and a handful of new tracks via the Kemal & Rob Data Bandcamp, the neurofunk pioneer touches down on Bad Taste with a fresh remix for Trilo and Vegas.

This new take eases off on the raw bassline aggression of the 2019 original, focusing instead on a hypnotic synth lead for maximum earworm energy, lending a taste of old-school rave to the modern D&B sound. Delicious and tantalising…here’s hoping for plenty more where this came from. Check out the track below and hit up the Bad Taste store to pre-order a copy right now – the remix drops Apr 30th.

Classic Track: Kemal + Rob Data – Konspiracy

It’s dark, it’s weighty, it’s relentless…it’s Konspiracy by Kemal + Rob Data, better known as Konflict. Top notch drums and gnarly bass are the name of the game here, with instrumentation that grooves and moves – which will get you moving too. 2002’s Konspiracy from Industry Recordings is almost criminal in its potency.

Even better, this year this classic has been remastered and put on Bandcamp for digital download!

Written by Luke Kessler

Get To Know…Nerve Recordings


Glasgow-based Nerve Recordings sadly closed it’s doors in 2010 but for nine strong years the label flew the D&B flag under the keen stewardship of Pyro and Paul Reset, with releases from homegrown and international producers alike. For this week’s #TBT posting we take a look back at 10 of the best from the Narve vaults. Don’t forget you can grab all of these releases for free from either the Nerve Bandcamp or their website.

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